About Relationships At Work, Inc.

What would it be like if you felt psychologically safe where you work?

How would it be different if you didn’t FEAR going to work because of your boss, your business partner or co-worker?

What would help you really soar in how you influence others?

At Relationships at Work, we transform people and companies into peace and profits.  Why? Because living a life of happiness within brings stronger results than living a life in conflict!  Leadership Solutions

Make a difference through:

• Training | Keynote Speaking
• Leadership | Personal Coaching
• Partnership Mediation

• Family-Owned Business Mediation
• Consulting for Entrepreneurs & Business Partners

Join the ranks of those who have turned things around in ways that really matter.

Example of Leadership Coaching and Business Mediation

Heineken contacted me in 2013…they were at their wits end after a year of trying to resolve a conflict internally between two top account managers. The conflict had grown so difficult that it was impacting one of their big accounts.  One or both of the employees was going to have to go if things didn’t change. In just 3 months through coaching and preparing for mediation, we were able to unravel a year of hostilities and repair the broken relationship while restoring a healthy workplace.

Example of Family-Owned Business Coaching, Mediation & Restructuring

A trusted colleague called upon me to help one of his longtime friends and progenitor of a family-owned business. Revenues were down after the recession, power struggles had broken out, financial choke-holds put in place, and family members and employees were not talking.  By helping Mom and Dad look at their own behavior, they were able to recognize the impact they had on the family dynamics and we were able to come up with options for restructuring the organization in ways that better met the family members’ needs.

Example of Family-Owned Business Coaching, Mediation & Restructuring

Working with a 3rd generation family-owned business. Dad hit 60 and wanted to bring in his three twenty-something adult children into the family business.  Great idea but riddled with family conflict.  Mom sought help out of frustration with the intense sibling rivalry being carried out in the workplace…Dad felt immobilized to do much about it.  Within five months, we were able to redefine roles and responsibilities, establish boundaries between appropriate workplace behavior and unhealthy family dynamics, restore Dad’s leadership in the business as well as mediate through some of their differences.