Hi, I’m Debra Dupree with Relationships at Work. I actually go looking for people in trouble. You might ask “Why?” Well, I share my story because it’s relevant to what I do today and why I am so passionate about working with people like you to dig deeper and go beyond. My early exposure to the dynamics of a family-owned business taught me a lot…particularly around poor communications and the conflict generated between family and business relations…and significantly influenced what I’ve grown up to be.

My father and grandfather ran a family business in the Midwest, buying and selling dairy cattle, influential throughout the region…and, NOT!   The community visibility spoke volumes.  And, I grew up on the younger end of 9 children, to be seen and not heard.   With a combination of German and Norwegian heritage, we didn’t deal well with conflict much less express real emotion.   I saw my fair share of damaged relationships, lost opportunities and a lack of voice to speak up.  Ultimately, the family business didn’t survive.

So, for years I’ve been fascinated with makes people tick…at work and at home.  I became a therapist…a mediator…a professor and doctor of psychology…and now a public speaker and author.

What do I do today? I help people recover from the drama and trauma and discover how to move past the their past.  We uncover those emotional pains that get in the way of true success and happinerss.  We map out a plan for a whole new way of “being” for stronger performance at work and at home!  Together, we turnaround how to manage up, down and around at home and at work.

“Managing 360:  Up, Down and All Around” evolved out of my 2014 doctoral dissertation that explored the psychology of good bosses versus bad bosses and how they evolve.    Today, I work with leaders at all levels as entrepreneurs, as small business owners and at the enterprise level to build psychological safety by building their powerfully persuasive and influential presence by putting people before profits.

Here’s what YOU can gain:

  • My 5-1-10 training and coaching program helps leaders at every level stop using language and behaviors that negatively damage their image and credibility, reframe negative behavior into powerfully persuasive and influential leadership, how to lead with gender and generational awareness, and how to implement emotionally intelligent practices to cultivate employee development.
  • My 3-on-1 coaching program is for employees at any level to overcome obstacles that prevent them from reaching their true potential.  We all have dramas and traumas from our past that knowingly and unknowingly drive our adult behaviors.  Uncover, recover and discover new purpose in life and the natural happiness within.
  • My 5 and 1 webinar/teleseminar series reaches people around the world as we explore your emotional potential to live genuinely, authentically and with compassion.


Take a journey with me as your Relation “Ship” Doctor and discover the ways that bad bossing, bad behavior and poor performance can be transformed and reframed into unbelievable opportunities to strengthen performance and profitability.

My name is Dr. Debra Dupree and I’m the president and founder of Relationships at Work, Inc.

– Putting People before Profits for Incredible Returns –

Call me when you see anyone not effective as a leader…together, we can turn that around…take advantage of a complimentary 15-minute consultation!

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