Testimonials – How People are impacted by Dr. Deb’s Speaking:

Dr. Debra Dupree was very knowledgeable.  She presented material in a clear, succinct and engaging manner with a great sense of humor.  Time went by fast because it was fun!

Emmanuel AkayiriseMath Instructor, Diablo Valley College

I first heard Dr. Dupree when I attended the AWIS strategy session entitled “Promoting Your Inner Diplomat” and I was one of the lucky recipients of a Discovery Session. I felt that Dr. Dupree’s talk at the strategy session was the best that I had experienced at AWIS. Dr. Dupree is charming, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. She introduced us to the concept that gender differences in brain structure influence our behavior and the ways that we perceive and interact with others. Her perspective was new to me and I am always grateful to people who give me new insights. Her charm, intelligence, empathy, insight and generosity were also very much evident in the Discovery session. I would recommend Dr. Dupree to anyone who is seeking to improve the quality of their interpersonal relationships and a deeper understanding of how to know oneself and interact with others.

Jean SpenceOwner, Omnitron Bioscience

Applicable to both my personal and professional life.  Insightful, educational and provided a toolkit of resources for practice and improvement.  Thank you!!!

Meredith LuccsAdmissions Specialist, Diablo Valley College

“Excellent Facilitator – engaging, adjusted examples to our organization’s processes.  This is a “must” course for any client-based company.  The trainer’s vast knowledge of the material applied to my personal life as well.”

Tami Leach-Allen, Ellie Mae

Comprehensive 🙂 and a Great Facilitator!

Renee SavageProgram Coordinator, Student Services, Diablo Valley College

Dr. Dupree is a wealth of knowledge.  She teaches and conveys this knowledge with grace in her workshop by empowering us with interactive and fun activities that opens up the dialogue and contribution by all attendees.

Tracie Hasse, Linked In Specialist

Debra was an excellent instructor combining lecture and practical exercises in her program.  She kept the audience engaged and interested.  I will definitely use her for future training!

Christopher MaxroudisDirector of Human Resources

Debra is very knowledgeable and insightful.  Great tools and resources provided.  Thank you!!!

Marcus DuronSupervisor

Relevant, engaging, informative, useful.

Michael GarrettHousekeeping Manager

Excellent seminar on Creative Leadership!  Enjoyed the workshop.  Great content and tips.

Jeanique DiosoTraining Operation Analyst

I always enjoy Debra’s training.  She breaks the content down in such a way that it is easy to digest.  It sticks!

Brie RoweManager, Learning and Development

Dr. D embodies all of the things taught in this course on Presentation Skills which means she makes the class very enjoyable and relevant to students and people leave with a lasting impression and valuable lessons.  Highly recommended!

Lauren SmartDevelopment Manager

“Debra facilitated a customized training delivery skills workshop for us, but our collaboration started well before the day of the workshop. Throughout the preparation stage, Debra was proactive in her communication, patient in listening to our needs, and creative in providing actionable suggestions for what could be done.

Then during the day of workshop, it was very clear that she came prepared. The workshop went as smoothly as I expected and Debra enlivened the whole day with her skillful demonstrations, interactive activities, and great insights. What I also appreciated was that she actively checked in with me during the day of workshop to make sure things were going the direction I wanted. She has a way of providing you with the peace of mind that things will go well. I would not hesitate to work with Debra again!’

Jengli ChenInstructional Designer, Stanford University

“Thanks so much for delivering an excellent session yesterday and providing these results.  You modeled authentic leadership in taking the initiative to request feedback, listen and act upon it.  For those of us who experienced both days, you modeled what you taught.”

Floria WashingtonSr. Manager, Talent Acquisition, Training & Organizational Design, Columbus Regional Airport Authority

“Eloquently and magnificently presented!  Unique and creative delivery style while clearly teaching the message.  Dr. Dupree is a gift as a presenter and has instilled very positive and enriching changes that I am motivated to implement and reflect on daily.  Please bring her back!”

Shelley LameySemper Fit Division Head

“Great job by Debra!  Very good motivational speaker and very personable.  Makes the workshop easier to work through in more relaxed atmosphere!  Debra did a fantastic job handling a room of 25 engineers and architects who easily could have mentally checked out.”

Colonel, USAFNew Mexico, September 2012

“Debra is a great communicator and an awesome instructor. She learned everyone’s name, and made the seminar a personal experience which made it interesting. She is obviously very smart, but also a great example as a communicator. I would recommend her courses to anyone.”

Hannah C.Target Solutions, San Diego, CA September 2014

“The buy-in Debra obtained from a staff previously divided by major conflicts was incredible to watch. Debra has the ability to see the real issues through the smoke screen. She has a wonderful ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with all levels of staff and also the Board of Directors. She gets action and results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

B. TrotierNon-profit organization, San Diego

“The SPICE Game was the best part of the presentation – extremely helpful! Debra was a wonderful presenter. The activities of getting up and moving around was a positive experience.”

Kathleen NichollsCommander, Dept. of Consumer Affairs

Debra is a true professional!  The material was relevant, well-put together and organized.  Debra relayed everything in an understandable way.  I feel that all was very well received.  Very Happy!  Thank you!

La Tonya KadarCustomer Service Support Lead, True Blue, Tacoma, WA, August 2015

“Great information that I will definitely use in my professional and personal life. Dr. D was a terrific instructor – welcoming, warm, not threatening, and incredibly knowledgeable.”

Charlaine McKenzieSupervising Investigator, Dept. of Consumer Affairs

“I gained much more than I expected…excellent training!”

Lawrence T. Parker, Sr.Executive Officer, US Marine Corps

“Experienced instructor with a great ability to engage the students. Plus, applicable examples to help facilitate success after the class.”

Jason MooreDirector, Congressman Juan Vargas

“Debra was great!!! I really learned a lot – will highly recommend.”

Julie AmbroseVice President, San Diego Property Management

“Bring Debra back – she’s great!”

“Debra is my favorite!”

“Dr. Debra Dupree gave an outstanding presentation! She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. I look forward to having her present at our hotel again!”

“Great presentation. Dr. Dupree was engaging, informative and energetic!”

Hilton San Diego Bayfront HotelSan Diego

Testimonials – What and How People Change through Dr. Deb’s  Unbelievable Leadership Coaching:

“I truly enjoyed Dr. Dupree’s presentation at the American Society of Safety Engineers meeting and in a follow-up conversation. She discussed several approaches for dealing with a difficult situation. I found it very useful to get fresh ideas from a person who is impartial and a great coach.”

Ed LangmaidRetired, American Society of Safety Engineers

Dr. Debra Dupree is very knowledgeable and professional.  A true expert in the area of leadership.  I feel inspired and ready to move forward and take action with my business thanks to all the great information from her.

Judy Ann Foster, Women’s WisdomFounder and President

“Debra recently spoke with two of my CEO peer groups in Riverside & Temecula. This is the 3rd time over the past 10 years that Debra has worked with my Forum Groups. She always connects with each executive in a unique way and provides a very rich program of services and take-a-ways that they can use in their business.”

Ronald PenlandHelping CEO’s / Business Owners achieve their vision & dreams. Coach of CEO & Key Executive Peer Groups

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for your understanding, guidance, and perspective. You have helped me recover and persevere, and for that I will be eternally appreciative. “

Dr. Jamie S. San Diego, CA, July 2014

“Thank you, Debra. A workplace is like a Shakespearean tragedy dealing with conflict among people with different cultural backgrounds, different communication styles, and different life values. With guidance from Debra on communication strategies, I have been able to detangle these sophisticated layers in the workplace and focus on new positive directions for my work and for my life!”

Dr. Na Z.Scientific Researcher, Kansas City, 
April ’14

“I had been of client of Debra’s for several years. I have no need for her services now because my life has totally turned around for the better. I CAN tell you she helped save my life. I was going through one of the worst periods any man could imagine.  I can tell you, if it wasn’t for Dr. Dupree, I do not know if I would have made it. In my life, she is the fourth person who has helped me through tough times; the other three were good but no match for Dr. Dupree. You will never find a better, more well prepared and knowledgeable person at her chosen craft. If I haven’t been clear enough by now, she has my whole hearted and sincere recommendation.”

Michael S. BarazonePresident at AdZone Marketing

“Your dynamism and ability to meaningfully connect with a diverse audience is exceptional. During our engagement, the depth of your expertise and your capability to coach people in difficult circumstances was very evident. I would recommend that anyone in conflict, whether it was workplace-related, a divorce or other personal situation, bring you in as a trusted resource.”

Katherine WilleyVice-President, Bank of California

Testimonials – What People Gain from Mediation:

“The buy-in Debra obtained from a staff previously divided by major conflicts was incredible to watch. Debra has the ability to see the real issues through the smoke screen. She has a wonderful ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with all levels of staff and also the Board of Directors. She gets action and results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

B. Trotier, Non-profit organization, San Diego

“I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Debra recently. She is a true partner and expert in her field of work. Debra’s skills in mediation and coaching are top notch. She has a lovely way of both connecting with people and driving sustainable and actionable results.”

Chelsea HoganDirector, Human Resources, Corporate USA, Americas Region, Canada and Export Markets at Heineken