Who We Serve?

Entrepreneurs growing their business, partnerships in transition from one stage of growth to the next, and leaders of established organizations challenged with difficult people and difficult situations.  Click here for a list of satisfied clientele.

Here some examples of how leaders find themselves in trouble and where we can help!19251493_s

    • Changing leadership…poor leadership…negative impact on organization and its employees
    • Change and reorganization disrupting roles and responsibilities
    • New partner(s) forming workable relationships
    • Family-owned businesses (FBO) dealing with succession planning, family disputes, and leadership challenges
    • 50:50 Partnerships in conflict or facing dissolution
    • Crisis at home or at work (elder parents, teenagers, illness and death, marital strife/separation)!

We bring turnaround strategies…how to manage 360…up, down and all around by redirecting the emotional intelligence of human behavior.  Bring peace, health and happiness to your ventures to better accomplish phenomenal business health for greater profitability!

• Energizing

• Attentive

• Articulate 

• Elegant 

• Depth

• Vibrant

• Knowledgeable 

• Compassionate

• Present  

• Compelling 

• Motivational  

• Inclusive 

• Engaging  

• Dynamic  

• Happy