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Compel Don’t Sell and The Risky Business of Bad Bossing

Listen in to ESPN Host Buddy Greene, your financial lender, as he has a conversation with Speaker and Television Host Shirlene Reeves and Speaker and Author Dr. Debra Dupree as they talk about travel,  Shirlene’s “Compel Don’t Sell” program, and Debra’s “Avoid the Risky Business of Bad Bossing” training and coaching services for more information […]

The Risky Business of Bad Bossing

Psychologist and founder of Relationships at Work, Inc,  Dr. Debra Dupree, is here to uncover the impact of bad bossing and what can be done about it.  The Risky Business of Bad Bossing What is bad bossing all about? What should someone do when confronted with a bad boss? How does one change a bad […]

Stop Running from Conflict and Learn How to Address It!

MANAGER MOJO PODCAST with Steve Caldwell Click here to listen to Podcast:  Running from Conflict by Dr. Debra Dupree. When a diverse group of people work together daily, it is no surprise that conflict can arise. Trying to downplay the importance and viewing the reason for the conflict as ‘petty’ is never a good alternative […]