Services We Provide

Building Psychological Safety

    • Do you know if you are a good leader…or a bad leader?   What’s the difference?
    • What motivates your leaders?  What motivates your followers?  Do you really know?
    • Being the best you can be through wellness coaching and confidential psychotherapy

Coaching for Powerful & Persuasive Influence

    • Managing difficult people…difficult situations to help you rise above
    • Powerful and persuasive presentation strategies to influence others
    • Mastering generational and gender relationships

Managing 360:  Up, Down and All Around

    • Developing your emotional intelligence for authentic leadership
    • Managing the Risky Business of Bad Bossing
    • Recovering in the aftermath of sexual harassment claims and abusive conduct allegations

Alternate Dispute Resolution (Mediation and Facilitation)

    • Family dynamics in business disputes, estate and probate matters
    • Leadership Disputes
    • Managing the reasonable accommodation process for people with disabilities