Critical Mass Radio for Business

  • I have long been fascinated with what makes people tick, how they get along in the workplace, and how to manage the conflicts that erupt.  I pursued a doctorate in psychology, am licensed as a marriage and family therapist, credentialed as a workplace mediator, and certified as a conflict coach.
  • Oftentimes, organizations recognize problems exist but don’t know where to start or where the source of conflict really lies. Knowing and understanding the emotional drivers of behavior in relationships at any level is critical to effectively resolving workplace conflict.
  • Conflict comes in many shapes and forms. It erupts through acts of bullying, bad bossing, personality clashes, dysfunctional teams, and strained executive-leadership relations at CEO and board level positions. Many workplace conflicts have little foundation in the law but represent problems in relationships.
  • Managing 360:  Up, Down and All Around (to avoid the Risky Business and Reputation of Bad Bossing) helps people create solutions to reduce conflict that erodes performance and profitability. Develop the needed awareness, knowledge, and skills to make important cost-saving decisions to harness the effects of conflict so you can thrive, not just survive. The emotional intelligence of today’s organization is what makes bad bosses into great leaders and good companies become more profitable.