Managing 360” transforms people into incredible persons of authority at any level through powerful engagement in five key areas:

1) Developing Powerfully and Influential Purpose

2) Mastering Generational and Gender Relationships at Work

3) Mastering Communication Strategies for Conflict Situations

4) Designing the Emotionally Intelligent Workplace

5) Emerging as an Authentic Leader

Want to bring this program to your organization?  Here’s what you get!

Each “Breakthrough Secret” is a stand-alone training program but more powerful when packaged together and delivered sequentially as outlined above. Here’s how the complete program lines up:

a. Five one-day (or half-day) live, interactive training sessions for 20-25 participants, one session every other week over a ten-week period.

b. 1:1 coaching (30-minute telephonic sessions per participant) follows each training
module over the 10 week schedule to reinforce training content and assist in applying
tools and concepts to real time…real life situations.  Corresponding coaching sessions are completed within the first two weeks after each training session.

c.  Individualized assessments (4) are completed by each participant, e.g. communications
styles, conflict dynamics management profile, emotional intelligence profile, and
leadership styles.

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