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Dr. Debra Dupree, Keynote Speaker and Transformational Trainer

People are energized through stories, activities and interaction that show them the “power of connection.”  

When you do this for your organization, people are motivated by the investment made and opportunity to learn.  This in turn leads to profitability in so many ways!  It’s time to invest in both your human and financial returns.

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Debra presented to our Vistage group through Mark Fingerlin.  What she brought to the table were some fresh insights about how we communicate, how we react in conflict and the impact of our leadership style from a neuroscientific background.  I recognized how I might be doing things in a way that actually contributed to some bad bossing practices and immediately wanted my executive team to learn what I learned.  Bringing her into my organization was invaluable.  Not only did she provide a team building experience but followed up with 1:1 coaching for how we move forward in making changes at the top.  I will definitely use her again to help us navigate through difficult issues.


Patrick ClarkCEO, REIG Companies

Dr. Debra Dupree is very knowledgeable and professional. A true expert in the area of leadership. I feel inspired and ready to move forward and take action with my business thanks to all the great information from her.

Judy FosterOwner / Founder, Women’s Wisdom

Engaged every guest by name and giving real life examples. Allowed group discussions rather than just presenting.   Created a welcoming and more engaging interactive learning process.

Regina Bernal Director, USD Entreprneurial Program

“Dr. Dupree did an excellent job.  I have a hard time buying into philosophies normally, and tend to “critical think” them to death.  This information was logical and presented in a way that I like to learn.”

P. FrisbieFinancial Management Analyst, Marine Corps Logistics Base

Great presentation. If you can glean just one new ineteractionable technique out of a seminar like this, you are ahead. I garnered 3 or 4 in 90 minutes that absolutely will improve my interplay with others.

Michael BarazoneOwner / Founder, AdZones

Very engaging speaker.  Really knows her stuff and presents well!

Christie WallaceManager, ORACLE

I thought she did a great job keeping the group engaged for the full day.  She made conversations easy and kept it fun.  Great attitude and engaging personality.  I learned a lot!

Aaron CarterManager, ORACLE

Very informative and enjoyable!  Debra was knowledgeable and engaging.  I found it really helpful.

Loren MetzgerProgram Manager, UCSD

Great workshop…appreciate the efforts to personalize the content for our group!

Carolyn SchuttlbsenPost-Doctoral Researcher, UCSD

Excellent!  Thoughtful and timely, engaging, clear and fun!

Jim SchwarzRegional District Manager, Winston Strawn, LLP

Debra is knowledgeable, materials excellent, power point great.  The variety of activity was excellent.  Great job!

Linda HartwigHR Manager, Winston Strawn, LLP

I thought Debra Dupree was very knowledgeable on the Critical Discussion topics.  She taught us to confront difficult situations and decision-making in the work environment that were helpful and productive in carrying out great collegial relationships.

Moushumi BrodyAttorney Resources & Recruitment Manager, Winston Strawn, LLLP

I liked the explanations of the physiological basis for emotional / physiological responses to emotionally-difficult meetings.  Also, good concrete examples of techniques and approaches were provided in this workshop.

Carolyn LundonResearch Manager, Winston Strawn, LLP

Dr. Dupree had great examples, great experiences and kept the meeting/training interesting.  Our interaction throughout the day was wonderful!

Rebecca RussellDistribution Coordinator, Revlon

Very engaging speaker!  Really knows her stuff and present well.

Christie WallaceManager, Oracle

– Trainer Extraordinaire –

Ranked #9 globally in 2016 at Skillpath Corporate Strategies based on participant feedback!

The Risky Business of Bad Bossing: When Psychological Safety is Lacking

Managing Employee Development

The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace: Leading with Gender Awareness

The Emotionally Intelligent Family Business: When a Member of the Board is your Uncle, your Sister, your cousin

Learn How to Persuasively (and Powerfully) Influence Others & Be Personally Accountable

Today’s influential, persuasive and successful leadership approach demands a consultative spirit, working closely with employees and customers to understand their needs, values and concerns. Through a collaborative approach, we can then excel in customer service that leads to phenomenal and profitable gains. And, our ability to influence and persuade through training and presentations is strengthened when we can maximize retention and stimulate action.

Programs are designed to equip participants with the six factors in the power of persuasion to be used in any situation where influence is key.

Prosper from Generational, Gender & Cultural Differences

Avoiding a bad bossing reputation includes the skills, knowledge and awareness needed for leading a culturally diverse workforce, engaging multiple generations and how to keep them at work.  It also requires the ability to navigate through gender communication differences as well as managing situations to avoid lawsuits by ensuring a workplace free of sexual harassment and discrimination for every level of employment. 

Programs are designed not only to meet compliance with AB 1825 and AB 2053 but go beyond in building an inclusive and engaged workforce.

Communication & Conflict Management for the Savvy Leader

Building on our emotional intelligence, we translate these essentials by developing our communication skills for delivery with poise & diplomacy. Techniques for sharpening communication skills through writing and presentation enhance our credibility and make us more believable. The ability to confront difficult situations gracefully and leading to mutually acceptable solutions are critical pathways for conflict resolution.

Even with all the effective communication and conflict management skills, we can still fall short if we fail to develop strong interviewing skills to select the right people for the job.

Programs are designed to provide immediate takeways for those difficult situations while building credibility.

Increase your Earning Potential through Emotional Intelligence

Understanding and building Emotional Intelligence is critical at every level of an organization, large or small.  Managing emotions when working under pressure is key to managing people, multiple projects and meeting deadlines.  Our fast-paced work world demands the ability to control the chaos while also thriving under pressure.  Cultivating personal accountability is one of today’s biggest challenges.

Programs are designed to provide the steps needed to bring emotional intelligence to the workforce, how to stimulate it by engaging in strategic thinking and critical discussions.

Go Beyond Compliance for Sexual Harassment & Abusive Conduct Prevention to Create Psychological Safety

Our customized and interactive programs not only provide the needed compliance training for Sexual Harassment Prevention (AB 1825) and Abusive Conduct Prevention (AB 2053) for supervisors and managers but takes a deeper look at how generational, cultural and gender differences in the workplace can rise to perceptions of abusive and harassing behavior in the workplace.  Learn how to make a difference and influence change in attitudes and perspectives.

Programs are designed to equip managers and leaders with knowledge and awareness to prevent claims from happening and how to recover when they do.

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