UNCOVERED! Choosing BLISS to Manage Workplace Conflicts

We all deal with conflicts, right?  What would it be like if you knew how to handle them right the first time…every time?

Best-selling author, Moneeka Sawyer, shared her 5-step process for choosing BLISS when dealing with conflicts in the workplace.  We talked about how to “STOP” so you can “be in the moment” to tune into the experience of what you’re feeling…physically and emotionally! And, “BREATHE” so you can “think through the moment.” This helps you choose a course of action that “constructively” manages the moment instead “destructively” escalating the conflict.

What is that emotion that comes up?  Are you feeling FEAR, ANGER, GUILT or HAPPINESS?  These four core emotions are what drives all thinking and behavior.  When we feel any one of the first three, we experience a lack of “psychological safety.”  And, when we feel unsafe, our “drive to survive” kicks in and we react with an instinctual reaction of fight, flight or freeze!  This is where we tend to say things that are hurtful, harmful and damaging…things we can’t take back!

When we pay attention to what we physically feel, we can use those signs to STOP, be in the moment, and BREATHE our way to a calmer course of action.  What would it be like if you could CHOOSE a calmer, peaceful way to conflicts?

Join us to UNCOVER tips and insights on how to handle those difficult people and difficult situations at work…and at home!  And, live a life of BLISS!


The Science of BLISS…3 tips for making it come alive in your relationships

The February 1st Bliss Bits call was amazing… 

Would you agree that BLISS is a natural state of happiness?  Something we all want, right?

But why is it so hard to achieve?  What gets in the way of choosing BLISS?  I was delighted to have Dr. Debra Dupree dive deeper into the Science of Bliss to help us understand the physiology of our brain and shares three tips for making it come alive in your relationship.

Dr. Dupree has a PsyD in Psychology and is so knowledgeable about the science of how our brains work. If you are interested in learning how to improve all of your relationships, you have to listen to this replay!

Here is the link:

Some of my favorite things Dr. Dupree talked about where:

1) The biological reasons we tend to be predisposed to feeling negative emotions rather than positive emotions. I’ve always known this is true, but now there is scientific evidence, which means we have more information on how to utilize that to achieve more bliss.

2) The biggest reason men and women respond differently in relationships has to do with how much oxytocin we have.

3) She gave 3 awesome tips on how to deal with conflicts that invariably happen in all relationships.

Let me share some more about Dr. D…

She developed her passion for helping people in tough situations from watching her dad crash and burn as a successful businessman to a lost soul…financially, emotionally, and legally.  She became fascinated with what makes people tick and what drives their behavior. To make sure she was on a solid foundation, she first became licensed as a mental health professional many years ago but stepped her knowledge and expertise by completing her doctorate degree in psychology in 2014. Today, Dr. D works with people to recover from the dramas and traumas in their pasts to discover happiness within…moving their relationships from troubled to cooperative, to live healthier and more authentic lives.