Success Redefined…when wants become needs

What is your relationship with money?  How do you define success?  What is your purpose in life?

Speaker and Author Larry Kesslin took the journey of his life and it was a game changer for how he thought and how he lived.  Whether it was watching the joy of youth as he taught kids how to ski or traveling to far reaches of Africa where abundance was not evident, Larry realized that his definition of success was not making him happy.

Together we explored in UNCOVERED…provocative topics for today’s business world…the impact of how business has operated for the last 30 years and the toll it’s taken on the people.  We talked of rising claims, the impersonalization of workplace relations, and how we’ve lost our way.

For Larry, it took a journey abroad before he realized that success was really about doing what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it…it wasn’t about the job, the company, the house or the location much less the paycheck.

Listen and learn to what SUCCESS REDEFINED can mean for you!



The Dayton Chapter of Women of Teradata recently sponsored a webinar on Emotional Intelligence by Dr. Debra Dupree, Relationships at Work, Inc. on April 8, 2015.

This program was designed to educate and enhance awareness of participants on how to build Emotional Intelligence at home and at work.  We looked at the neuroscience behind behavior and how to manage emotions when working under pressure.  The relationship to managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines was explored so that participants know how to deliver their best, even in chaotic times.

What do we gain when we do this?  In the workplace, we can better manage relationships, become more adept in our social interactions, and know how we impact others with our emotions.  This leads to better performance, profitability and genuine happiness!

For those were unable to attend, or would like to listen to the presentation, here is a link to the recording and a PDF of the slides.  For a PDF of additional resources provided by Dr. D. following the web seminar, click here to contact her for more information.

Archived Webex (streaming recorded link, 58 minutes)