Dr. Debra Dupree

Are you ready for a new framework...a new mindset on how you work...how
you live…how you show up?
We all have a story from our past that undermines how we show up. These stories can shake our confidence, credibility, and courage in ways we're not even aware. And, limit our financial potential.
What if you knew how to take the higher road with mindful intention to thrive, not just survive?

That’s what you gain when you work with me!

Debra Dupree, the MINDSET Doc!

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”- Wayne Dyer -

Connect: Leading Consciously Now

Are you satisfied with how you’re coming across to people and how they respond to you?

Would you like to be more effective in how you manage different people—difficult behavior—and thrive, not just survive?

Hi, I am Dr. Debra Dupree. I work with leaders at all levels, entrepreneurs, and small business owners on how to grow themselves and their companies by building psychological safety.

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Gustavo De La Fuente

Her many years’ experience in the arenas of leadership and mediation make her a credible professional. I highly recommend her expertise to business owners and executives. Read more