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Our vision & mission

Our vision is to positively and influentially reset and redirect people’s thoughts and perspectives around conflict from something to avoid to an opportunity to learn, grow and improve. 

Our mission is to influence millions of minds worldwide through meaningful engagement and valuable content at your feet on the ground or virtually in the cloud to make a difference in the civility of today's world.

Our purpose is to build authentic connections and personal accountability to thrive with a growth and agile mindset. 

Our intent is to strengthen your resilience by being proactive (not reactive) and assertive (not aggressive) for leading consciously, influentially, and courageously to achieve peace-making at every level of life - one conversation at a time.

Why work with us?

Hi, I am Dr. Debra Dupree, The Mindset Doc.

Our world of work is much more complex than ever before! Organizations are
challenged on many levels, and employee retention is more difficult for many reasons.

With over 30 years in dispute resolution working with people in conflict, I help leaders save their organizations, and their people, from the toll of conflict and the destructive forces when left unmanaged.

Together, we reframe conflict as opportunities to move beyond adversity by using the present pain as the momentum for gain. The cost of inaction is simply too great.

We leverage the mindset by using the 360° perspective toolkit and the 3D Formula to achieve change.

We transform confrontations into conversations, moving from FEAR and CONFLICT to HARMONY and PROFITS.

We use these tools to identify and implement the best strategies customized to turn
your organization around.

>> Is conflict keeping you up at night?
>> Are you losing employees faster than you can hire them?
>>Are you baffled at how employees just can’t seem to get along?

Take a look at how one CEO overhauled his organization’s turnover rate from 37% to 7% by using my strategies. His goal moved beyond just a vision and an angst once he developed a strategic plan with an actionable timeline.

Here’s what you gain when working with me at

>> A new framework (mindset) for looking at conflict
>> How to identify the ‘business problem’ and its sources of conflict with a formula to calculate what it’s costing you (and you may not even know it)
>> Define the intensity of conflict festering at many levels and how to redirect that intensity into profitable, growth-oriented initiatives
>> Improve skills for navigating through conflict from confrontation to conversation, cultivating a culture of effective communication and conflict management
>> Improved morale, increased health and wellbeing, and a workplace where people want to be

Now, isn't that worth taking some action towards building an AGILE Workplace?


"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

- Dr. Wayne Dyer
Author of I Can See Clearly Now (and many others)

Our experience speaks for itself



that we helped to improve their results in mediation by expanding their mindset.



 that now know how to conduct an effective dialogue with their employees when it comes to benefits and accommodations.



 whom we helped polish their skills and knowledge by leveraging their mindset for greater influence.

Clients from all over the world trust us

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Discover how 'First Imperial Credit Union' achieved a remarkable reduction in turnover rates, dropping from 37% to an impressive 7%, and continuing to trend even lower this year!

Fidel Gonzales​

President and CEO
First Imperial Credit Union

Having a specialist who knows a lot about these situations is really important. Allen Williams saw how Relationships at Work set up a nice and caring way of doing things that focuses on what employees really need.​

Allen Williams​

Executive Director of HR
Bonsall Unified School District

Learn how Tye Bourdony emphasizes the concept of an "emotional hijack" in the context of negotiations or mediations

Tye Bourdony​

Primary Mediation Trainer Director
Mediation Center of Central Florida

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Equip yourself with valuable insights and tools for effective conflict resolution. Explore a curated collection of informative videos and downloadable PDFs, all dedicated to expanding your mindset and empowering you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate disputes with courage, confidence, and connection. Whether you're seeking expert advice on mediation, arbitration, or negotiation, our carefully selected resources are tailored to provide you with practical solutions. Dive in and enhance your dispute resolution skills today!​


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