3D Formula to Mindset Shift

How you show up matters

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

    - Antoine de Saint Exupéry


Improving your game demands an honest look at behaviors and attitudes that impact how you show up with others.

Success in relationships where you lead and influence others is a skill that can be learned and improved upon.

Athletes are not the only ones who benefit from and know the value of a good coach. Do you?

A coach or mentor is someone who guides you in areas of strength as well as areas that require improvement.

Don’t we all want to improve and get better?  Are you ready to "up" your game?

We all have a story, right? We can either stay locked into our stories or take steps to break free.

Too often we rely on our I.Q. to advance in life but that seldom gets us far when dealing with different people.

As adults, we have the opportunity to make choices that work for us, not against us.

Are you curious enough to dive deeper to unlock the stories that hold you back?

Mind expand
Step #1 on Mindset Shift: Emotional Intelligence (E.Q)

The Father of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, coined four levels as essential to growing our E.Q.

While innate, E.Q. is learnable and developmental.  What you gain from this self-assessment helps build confidence on where you currently stand and where you can grow to strengthen your relationships with others.

Scores may range from a low of 5 to a high of 25 on each of the 4 quadrants. Wherever your score shows up at 18 or below represents opportunities for growth.

We just took the guess-work out of it!

Step #2 on Mindset Shift: Diving Deeper - The SPICE Game

No matter who we are or where we live, there are four primary communication styles that drive human behavior worldwide.

When we understand the basics of these  styles, we deepen our understanding of differences and similarities, allowing us to move away from the blame and shame, the drama in relationships, and the disdain and disrespect that tend to erupt.

When we build a framework using these styles, we grow in leaps and bounds in what we learn about self and others.

It’s much like cooking! The flavor and zest in  foods we eat are brought out by the spices we add and how they come together…or not!

Human behavior is very similar…some spices (styles) come together and create savory relationships while others simply clash.

Knowing what works together and what doesn't creates choices in how we manage relationships with others!

Step #3 on Mindset Shift: The Animal Game

What kind of ANIMAL are YOU when it comes to dealing with conflict?  

Diversity in the workplace is a beautiful thing. It brings about new ideas and perspectives that help us grow.

Yet, any time two people come together with different beliefs, values, and perspectives, there are bound to be differences.   Conflict is inevitable.

Not only do our communication styles represent similarities and differences among human beings, how we approach conflict is very different.

Growing as a leader demands skills in managing the differences between people and mitigating conflict.

There is no one "right" way to handle conflict and no one style is better or stronger than the others. It's about knowing how and when to use each style constructively.

How do you show up in conflict?

When you finish the assessments, take Step #4 and let's dive deeper into your results:

Three powerful steps to Mindset Shift are now yours!

Tips & Techniques to up your communication game

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