90-Second De-Escalation: Taming Anger with Empathy and Control

Conflicts and arguments are common in today’s world. Dealing with an angry person can be highly stressful at home, work, or in public, even for the most composed individuals. In this article, we explore techniques to calm any angry person in 90 seconds or less, based on the expertise of attorney, mediator, innovator, peacekeeper, and author Doug Noll.

Doug Noll has extensive experience in conflict resolution, having worked as a lawyer and litigator for over 20 years. After a personal injury, Noll turned to yoga and alternative sports, embarking on a more mindful path. He has since dedicated his life to helping others resolve conflicts, working in various settings, from prisons to schools. Noll is also an accomplished author, with books including “Sex, Politics, and Religion in the Office.”

Fundamental Techniques to Calm an Angry Person

Stay Calm and Centered

Why It Matters: Your composure directly influences the situation. Remaining calm helps prevent further escalation.

How to Achieve It: Practice breathing and grounding techniques to maintain calm.

Empathize and Listen

Why It Matters: Empathy helps the person feel heard and validated, which can diffuse their anger.

How to Achieve It: Use empathetic phrases like “I understand how you feel” and “I can see why that would upset you.” These statements show that you acknowledge their feelings and perspectives.

Nonverbal Communication

Why It Matters: Your body language, tone of voice, and eye contact can significantly impact the interaction.

How to Achieve It: Maintain an open and non-threatening posture. Mirror the person’s body language to build rapport and trust.

Give a Sense of Control

Why It Matters: Allowing people to feel controlled can reduce their defensiveness and aggression.

How to Achieve It: Offer choices and allow them to make decisions, such as asking if they’d like a glass of water or prefer to sit down.

Practice Mindfulness

Why It Matters: Mindfulness helps you manage your emotions and reactions, making you more effective at handling conflict.

How to Achieve It: Engage in regular mindfulness and meditation practices to stay present and centered.

In this episode of “Decoding the Conflict Mindset,” Doug Noll emphasized these techniques for calming an angry person. By staying calm and empathetic, using nonverbal communication effectively, and giving the person a sense of control, you can quickly diffuse anger and work towards a resolution.

Conflicts and anger are inevitable parts of life. However, you can learn to calm any angry person in 90 seconds or less by applying Doug Noll’s techniques. Remember, the power to manage conflict lies within you, and by practicing mindfulness and meditation, you can become even more effective in these situations.

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For more in-depth insights, listen to the full episode of “Decoding the Conflict Mindset” with Doug Noll.

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