About us

About us
Learn. Live. Grow.

I am a dispute resolution enthusiast.

I help emerging leaders and dispute resolution professionals find resolution instead of looking for trouble.

I grew up in a family with a business background, on the younger end of 9 children, to be seen and not heard. With a combination of German and Norwegian heritage, we didn’t deal well with conflict much less express real emotion.

I saw my fair share of damaged relationships, lost opportunities and squelched emotions.

Even with this upbringing, I’ve faced my own hardships…closing down a business in the 1990’s, helping employees find new jobs, major loss of contracts, financial devastation from 2008, subsequent short sale of my house, starting all over while raising a family as a single parent – struggling to make ends meet was an understatement!

Nevertheless, today's hybrid world requires new courage, curiosity, compassion and commitment. I made it through the prior two decades of financial crisis and health disasters and am dedicated to help you do it too!

I work with my clients to map out new frameworks for living and working for stronger performance in all walks of life! Now, more than ever, showing up with influence to lead others requires collaboration, conviction and change.

Together, we can turnaround how to manage up, down and all around. The world demands innovation on how to grow our people and businesses strong again and we’re in this together!


The Mindset Doc
Founder and president at Relationships at Work, Inc.


Our goal is to Influence 100,000 minds worldwide through keynote speaking, podcasts, workshops, webinars, meeting facilitation, mediation, articles and books available at your feet or in the cloud.

Ever since our launch in 2011, we've been providing professional development and dispute resolution services for emerging leaders, business owners, lawyers and mediators.

Find more about our two main specialties below:


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Our Clients

We are honored to help professionals and organizations all around the world!

From China and India to France and Australia, Japan, Turkey, Canada, USA and Mexico - to name a few!

Here’s the typical client who seeks our services:

  • Leaders guiding their organizations through cultural change
  • Legal professionals challenged in pivoting to litigation alternatives
  • Family-owned businesses facing generational transitions
  • Teams and relationships in conflict


Are you ready to leverage your mindset for change and growth?

Speaking Engagements



Speaking engagements

During last year alone.



Impacted by Dr. Dupree's expertise.


Hours of experience

in training & speaking.

Speaking & Training Topics

Dr. Dupree is known for her ability to adapt and bring Neuroscience in simple, yet memorable techniques to pave the way for golden opportunities to reduce the cost of conflict.

1. Topics to Equip & Inspire Dispute Resolution Specialists

American Arbitration Association | Mediation & Employment Divisions

  • Multi-party, Multi-Faceted Dispute Resolution: The Online Experience
  • Advanced Mediation and Impasse Strategies
  • Virtual Employment Mediation: People, Platforms and Processes
  • Beyond ZOOM: The Technology and Psychology of Virtual Employment Mediation


American Bar Association | Dispute Resolution

  • Notoriously Good Trouble: RBG and John Lewis


American Courts of the Inn

  • San Diego – Dealing with Different (Sometimes Difficult) People…and What to do when that Person is YOU!
  • New Jersey Garibaldi - Dealing with Different (Sometimes Difficult) People…and What to do when that Person is YOU!


Hong King Institute of Mediation

  • Behavioral Strategies for Lawyers & Mediators (6-part Series)
      • The Psychology of Conflict – “Everyone’s Second Language (ESL)”*
      • Emotional Factors in Negotiation – “When We Don’t Like What We See or Hear, our lips
      • Strategic Management of Emotional Flare-ups
      • The Role of Unconscious Bias in Impasse
      • Advanced Strategies for Impasse Management
      • Pre-Mediation Strategies for the Technology and Psychology of Virtual Mediation


Lawyers’ Club of San Diego

  • Five Tips for Courageous Communication


Southern California Mediation Association

  • RBG and John Lewis
  • Pivoting, Practicing and Profiting: Critical PPP for 2021 and Beyond


2. Topics to Build Courageous Workplaces & Thriving Leaders

These are the type of programs that land where the rubber meets the road. They are the types of programs that encourage us to look at things differently. They are the types of programs that rekindle the fire for re-invention and re-birth. You will see me again.


A Memorable Event with Dr. Dupree

✅  Ranked among top ten trainers and speakers for delivering powerful and inspirational programs by SkillPath Corporate Strategies worldwide customers

✅  Recognized by Newsweek Magazine among the top five psychotherapists in San Diego for her life-changing work

✅  Named “Mediator of the Year” by The Los Angeles Federal Executive Board for her leadership and innovation for mentoring and resolving workplace disputes

Before you go, don't forget to check out Dr. Dupree's Podcast! 

Decoding the Conflict Mindset Podcast is designed for the Dispute Resolution Enthusiast who truly seeks to bring conversations of peace to their worlds of influence.