The Animal Game – Conflict Management Styles

Conflict Management Style

The quiz below allows you to reflect on how you handle conflict. Having some fun around an animal theme, we can then better understand our own style as well as the styles of others.

While doing this activity, keep in mind that all conflict management styles have their strengths and weakness. Make sure to point out that there is no "right" way to handle conflict, and people's management styles may change based on the situation they are in.

What to do: There are 15 statements. Each presents an approach for dealing with conflict. Using a rating scale of 1 to 5, mark your number for each.

1 = Rarely, if ever, 2 = Not very often, 3 = Sometimes, 4 = Very often, 5 = Always

Answer as you actually behave, not the way you think you should!

a. I argue my case with peers, colleagues and coworkers to demonstrate the merits of the position I take.

b. I try to reach compromises through negotiation.

c. I attempt to meet the expectation of others.

d. I seek to investigate issues with others in order to find solutions that are mutually acceptable.

e. I am firm in resolve when it comes to defending my side of the issue.

f. I try to avoid being singled out, keeping conflict with others to myself.

g. I uphold my solutions to problems.

h. I compromise in order to reach solutions.

i. I trade important information with others so that problems can be solved together.

j. I avoid discussing my differences with others.

k. I try to accommodate the wishes of my peers and colleagues.

l. I seek to bring everyone's concerns out into the open in order to resolve disputes in the best possible way.

m. I put forward middle positions in efforts to break deadlocks.

n. I accept the recommendations of colleagues, peers, and coworkers.

o. I avoid hard feelings by keeping my disagreements with others to myself.

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Scoring: The letters corresponding to the 15 statements above are listed below under five animal categories. Each category contains the letters of three statements. Record the number you placed next to each statement. Calculate the total under each category.

Competing/Forcing Shark


Collaborating Owl


Avoiding Turtle


Accommodating Teddy Bear


Compromising Fox



My dominant style is (Your Highest score)

My back-up style is (Your second Highest score)

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