How Do You Show Up in Conflict?

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An Engaging Tool for Personal Growth

The Animal game is a tool used to explore and understand one's conflict management style in a fun and engaging way.

Each animal represents a different approach to conflict management. Each style has its time and place for when to use. By reflecting on these different approaches, individuals can gain a better understanding of their own style as well as the styles of others they may encounter in various situations.

Learn to manage conflict situationally and strategically.

The Five Themes Represented in The Animal Game


pursuing one's own goals at the expense of others.


working with others to find mutually beneficial solutions.


withdrawing from conflict and avoiding confrontation.


prioritizing the needs of others over one's own


which involves finding a middle ground that partially satisfies everyone's needs

Understanding one's conflict management style can be beneficial in both personal and professional settings

It can help individuals communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts more efficiently, and build stronger relationships. By playing The Animal game and reflecting on the different styles, individuals can become more self-aware and develop strategies to effectively manage conflicts that arise in their lives.

About Debra

Dr. Debra is a specialist in dispute resolution, a conflict and leadership coach, and an international trainer and keynote speaker.

She helps leaders grow out of their FEAR of CONFLICT. She saw her own family-owned business embroiled in differences and turned those experiences into a lifeline for leaders, building climates of courage and curiosity, and turning challenging confrontations into learning conversations.

She hosts the podcast ‘Decoding the Conflict Mindset’ and founded the virtual mentorship program ‘The Agile Lawyer-Mediator Interview Series’. She was recognized globally by SkillPath Corporate Strategies in 2016 and designated as a ‘Super SMART Mediator’ by the Federal Executive Board in 2008. Dr. D has written three eBooks and numerous articles, including ‘Your Emotional Potential: How You Show Up Matters‘ available on Amazon.

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There is no one “right” way to handle conflict and no one style is better or stronger than the others. It’s about knowing how and when to use each style constructively.

How do you show up in conflict?

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