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No matter who we are, or where we are in the world, there are four primary communication styles that drive human behavior.

And they are very similar to cooking! That’s why I call it The Spice Game. The flavor and richness in the food we eat are brought out by how spices come together…or not! Like cooking, knowing what works together and being creative makes all the difference!

Understanding the four primary communication styles

can help improve communication skills and interactions with others.


Conscientious, Process-oriented

prioritize accuracy, details, and quality in their communication. They prefer to follow established processes and procedures, and they value thoroughness and logic. They tend to be analytical, reserved, and deliberate in their communication.


Dominant, Action-oriented

They are assertive and decisive, and they value directness and practicality in their communication. They tend to be confident, competitive, and goal-oriented in their communication.


Steadiness, Idea-oriented

They seek consensus and strive to maintain a peaceful environment. They value creativity, innovation, and new ideas, and they tend to be patient, empathetic, and supportive in their communication.


Influencing, Expressive-oriented

They enjoy social interaction and value relationships and emotional connections. They are creative and spontaneous, and they tend to be persuasive, inspirational, and expressive in their communication.

Importance of recognizing and understanding these communication styles

Recognizing and understanding the different communication styles can greatly improve interpersonal communication and relationships. By identifying one’s own communication style and recognizing the styles of others, it becomes easier to understand and interpret the behaviors, actions, and messages of others. This understanding can also help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise due to miscommunication.

Furthermore, recognizing different communication styles can help individuals tailor their communication approach to better suit the needs of others, leading to more effective communication and collaboration. Ultimately, being aware of and understanding different communication styles can enhance personal and professional relationships and contribute to overall success in various areas of life.

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When we understand the basics of these styles, we deepen our understanding of differences and similarities, allowing us to move away from the blame and shame, the drama in relationships, and the disdain and disrespect that tend to erupt

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