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Managing Emotional Dynamics in Mediation

4 ways to overcome conflict for successful outcomes

Join Dr. D for a highly practical program that equips participants with the tools to handle emotionally-intense disputes with the finesse and grace of a highly skilled conductor. Attendees gain valuable insights and practical  behavioral strategies applicable to real-life case scenarios.

Executive Summary

This breakout session dives deeper into the world of emotional dynamics and people relationships, empowering participants to navigate emotionally-intense disputes with confidence and skill.

Through engaging stories and real life scenarios from Dr. D’s career, attendees unlock innovative strategies for redirecting challenging behavior to create psychologically safe and productive environments for resolution.

The breakout goes well beyond theoretical concepts, focusing on practical applications and hands-on learning. Participants will develop problem-solving skills specific to intense disputes, enhance their understanding of the psychological dynamics at play, and cultivate emotional intelligence to navigate high-stake conflicts effectively.

Learning Points/Objectives

  1. Apply behavioral methodologies to real-life case scenarios to practice redirecting emotional behavior.
  2. Enhance understanding of psychological dynamics at play in conflicts and their influence on successful resolutions.
  3. Understand the relationship between emotional intelligence and navigating highly-charged conflicts effectively.

Attendee Take-Aways

  1. Enhanced ability to navigate emotionally-intense disputes with confidence and skill.
  2. Practical tools and techniques to redirect emotional behavior and create a safe space for resolution.
  3. Increased understanding of psychological dynamics at play in mediation.

Style for Attendee Engagement

The workshop maintains an interactive and engaging style throughout, utilizing a combination of group activities, role-plays, and discussions. Participants actively participate in immersive experiences, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and growth.

Dr. Debra Dupree is a Dispute Resolution Master and International Keynote Speaker. She is an active member of the ABA Dispute Resolution section and an AAA faculty member in basic/advanced techniques for mediators/advocates/arbitrators, and a Member of their Employment Mediation Panel.

She was featured as a keynote speaker for SCMA’s Employment Mediation Institute at Loyola Law School on “Why Aren’t They Listening? Redirecting the Disputant’s Mindset.” Following rave reviews. SCMA asked her back as a featured speaker for their Annual Conference, partnering with co-presenter Harold Coleman.

The two partnered again at the October 2023 ABA DR’s 20th Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Institute as featured plenary speakers. And shortly thereafter as Guest Speakers during Mediation Week, sponsored by the Lodestar Mediation Training Institute at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, located at Arizona State University.

I've had the great opportunity to work with Debra recently. She is a true partner and expert in her field of work. Debra's skills in mediation and coaching are top notch. She has a lovely way of both connecting with people and driving sustainable and actionable results.

"Thank you! You were amazing! Your visuals were great and you had everything so well organized. Your speech was lively and interesting! It was clear why you're in demand worldwide . It's really important to be able to resolve conflict and you share your passion brilliantly! We were very impressed!"

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Ty Bourdony

Primary Mediation Trainer Director
Mediation Center of Central Florida

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