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Take a Deeper Dive with Dr. Debra Dupree

In my 12 years of leadership, I've always been interested in training and learning more. Your coaching in just 3 hours was extremely beneficial and filled with little gold nuggets of insight. I learned more yesterday than I have in all of my other trainings combined. My take aways were how to manage upwards, dealing with my fears, and how to rewind.

Why Choose Dr D for your Breakouts?

  • Expert Guidance: Dr. Debra Dupree is a pioneer in the fields of conflict resolution and emotional intelligence.
  • Actionable Strategies: With Dr. D, the goal is not only to provide insight and perspective, but also translate those insights into action.
  • Customization: Dr. D customizes all her presentations. So you can be sure that you are getting the right message for your audience – that aligns with the goals and theme of your event.

Dr. Debra Dupree’s meticulously crafted Breakout Programs are in-depth sessions designed to foster deep understanding, actionable insights, and transformative change in conflict resolution, communication, and leadership.

Personalized Learning Experience

Dr. D’s Breakout Programs go beyond the surface, offering a personalized learning experience that addresses unique challenges faced by your audiences. These highly interactive sessions are filled with practical real-life case studies that leave audiences with tools and examples that can immediately be applied to actual situations.

Most Requested Breakouts


Managing Emotional Dynamics in Mediation

4 ways to overcome conflict for successful outcomes

Join Dr. D for a highly practical program that equips participants with the tools to handle emotionally-intense disputes with the finesse and grace of a highly skilled conductor. Attendees gain valuable insights and practical behavioral strategies applicable to real-life case scenarios.


Beyond Communication

Using relational Influence to build deeper connections with clients, colleagues & co-workers

This information-packed breakout session shows attendees how to achieve influential connections with peers and prospects alike. Dr. Dupree – The MINDSET Doc – illustrates some of the most impactful aspects of relational influence, and models the way for participants to build strong and meaningful connections.


From Conflict to Collaboration

Navigating Tough Conversations with Confidence

Dive deep into the secrets of transforming confrontations into productive conversations in this interactive breakout session with renowned communication expert Dr. Debra Dupree. Gain practical tools and techniques to navigate tough conversations, set safe boundaries, and foster collaboration.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk today. You did a fabulous job."

"Thank you! You were amazing! Your visuals were great and you had everything so well organized. Your speech was lively and interesting! It was clear why you're in demand worldwide . It's really important to be able to resolve conflict and you share your passion brilliantly! We were very impressed!"

Learn How Others Have Been Inspired!

Robert Cohen

Attorney, Mediator
Beverly Hills Bar Association – Co-Chair

Ty Bourdony

Primary Mediation Trainer Director
Mediation Center of Central Florida

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