Ten things you might be doing that’s giving you a “Bad Boss” reputation and 7 ways to turn it around

When we’re under pressure and things get tense, emotions run high. We all experience it. And, unless we’ve done some personal work, it literally becomes physiologically challenging, nearly impossible, to manage our emotional response. Quite frankly, few of us know what to do and how to manage those fierce emotional reactions that drive us to say and do things that we later regret. Unfortunately, the impact on others can be devastating.

In today’s world, managing ourselves appropriately seems like a no-brainer. Right? However, some simple behaviors actually lead to a “bad bossing” reputation and we’re not even aware of it.

The Real Cost of Workplace Conflict: What Employers Need to Know!

Oftentimes, conflicts between people are less overt, such as subtle forms of harassment or bullying. “Subtle harassment and bullying is a systems problem often supported unknowingly by management” which is in direct conflict with California laws AB 1825 and AB 2053! Gallup’s 2008 study entitled “State of the American Workplace” and another by the Consulting Psychologist Press on “Workplace Conflict and How Businesses Can Harness It To Thrive” revealed some startling facts that caused American businesses to stand up and take notice. Here are the top five reasons for workplace conflict…

personality clashes – 49%
stress – 34%
workload – 33%
poor leadership – 29%
lack of honesty – 26%

Avoiding a Bad Boss Reputation and turning into an Unbelievable Leader

People are people whether at work or at home and relationships ARE work. They’re like a garden…needing preparation, maintenance, nurturing and and space to grow. My passion goes all the way back to my childhood growing up in a family that didn’t do well with conflict. I’ve spent my entire career working with people in relationships but got curious about how good people end up as bad bosses. So I went back to school to learn more…and started looking for trouble!

Gallup took an in-depth look at the “State of the Workplace” and found that employee disengagement costs American businesses $359 billion across the nation!

Do you know that nearly half of all conflicts at work are directly related to personality clashes…
Three out of ten of those conflicts comes from bad bossing. Good people leave bad bossing, not good organizations!

Crushing Conflicts to Boost Your Bottomline

Relationships are at the core of everything we do. And when conflict arises in the workplace it can have a toll, not only on our emotional capacity, but also the bottom line results of the business. Studies show that conflict effects productivity, synergy, culture, and turnover. As the leader of a team, how do you avoid this? And how do you effectively manage conflict when you see it growing in your environment before it becomes detrimental? Listen in and learn from an expert in the field!

Join us for Women Leading the Way Radio as we interview Debra Dupree, PsyD Founder of Relationships-At-Work Consulting. With over 20 years of experience in leadership development, corporate training, and a doctorate degree in psychology she delivers lessons on the school of hard knocks and how to turn employees into great leaders. Debra will share with us her experience, techniques, and philosophy on how to implement and maximize business based strategies that will give new life to your business.

Unbelievable Leadership:  Keys to Avoiding a Bad Boss Reputation

Unbelievable Leadership: Keys to Avoiding a Bad Boss Reputation

People are people whether at work or at home. And, their relationships ARE work. They’re like a garden…needing preparation, maintenance, nurturing and space to grow. So what goes wrong when people have differences that get in the way of getting along? It takes courage and curiosity to really understand the emotional intelligence of how we engage. It’s the power of connections that pulls people and projects together. The quality of relationships…feeling trusted and appreciated… is what deepens the connection and motivates us to perform. That’s what Unbelievable Leadership™ is all about!