How to Fix Your People Problems

How to Fix Your People Problems

David Shriner-Cahn¬†chats with Dr. D about how to fix your people problems.¬†Leveraging her background in psychology and business, Debra helps people master their emotional intelligence, repair damaged relationships, and fulfill their career and life goals. Today she discusses how to build psychological safety in order to have better [Read more . . .]

White Matter vs Gray Matter: Why Men and Women See The World Differently

Jeff Gibbard of HitchPhilly, the online source for dating for online marketing, takes a unique approach to business of dating. ¬†He invited Dr. Debra Dupree to talk about the neurobiological differences between men and women when it comes to relationships and dating.

The Power of Connections: Emotional Intelligence at Work

With a particular emphasis on women in leadership, Dr. D presents to listeners the four components of emotional intelligence, how to develop mindfulness, building upon the natural characteristics of women that work well, and not so well, at work, and how to own (be accountable) for our emotional reactions.


The Dayton Chapter of Women of Teradata recently sponsored a webinar on Emotional Intelligence by Dr. Debra Dupree, Relationships at Work, Inc. on April 8, 2015. This program was designed to educate and enhance awareness of participants on how to build Emotional Intelligence at home and at work.¬† [Read more . . .]