The Agile Workplace Communications and Conflict Coaching

Communication & Conflict Coaching

To break through patterns of behavior that no longer serve you well, it’s time to explore what life has been like, what it is currently, and where you want to go.

Why we ALL need some 1:1 at times

Navigating through life, whether it’s at work or at home, represents some of the most challenging phases we encounter in adult life.

Not only do we struggle to manage our personal and emotional upheaval when things don’t go well but we also juggle the demands of being a parent to our children, a responsive significant other in our intimate relationship, and as a caring family member, all while continuing to work and earn a living.

Facing difficult relationships, whether it’s at work with a tough boss or difficult co-worker or dissolving a marital relationship or a business partnership, can easily slide into high conflict between the adults involved when skills and strategies are lacking. Tolerances you may have mustered before now become unbearable.

Getting through these challenges in relationships demands a shift in mindset, new skills and strategies in how you communicate, and how you show up at work. Otherwise, these kinds of life challenges can take its toll on our health, our self-esteem, and our relationships.

What is Communications & Conflict Coaching?

Sometimes group sessions just don’t cut it.

Sometimes we gain most from some 1:1 time.

Sometimes coaching through conflict and difficult situations helps us learn best on how to do things differently.

Through Coaching, you commit to a course of guided action that is guaranteed to make a difference in your life, your health, and your happiness!

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The Benefits of Communications & Conflict Coaching

We don’t know what we don’t know.

This means that we can be unconsciously incompetent at any given time on any given subject.

We can’t know everything.

Yet, the goal is to become unconsciously competent (not incompetent) by learning, living and growing through every walk of life.

Sometimes we need to look at the world through the someone else’s trusted eyes. To see how those “difficult” people see the world differently than we do.

Coaching helps you get there and achieve measurable differences in the quality of life!

Are you ready to travel down that path?

Our clients trust us:

C. Alejos

Del Mar School District (March 2020)

Once again, Dr. Dupree not only helped me understand this complex topic (ERTW Programs) but helped me ideate practices and processes which will make our district a better place to work and a safer place to be.

A. DeLaPeza

Realtor (January 2020)

Thank you for all your help, guidance and support getting me to where I now am and looking forward to growing even more. With your guidance, I was able to negotiate through some challenging conversations about my role and fair compensation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

P. Hall

State Parks & Recreation (September 2020)

You've been by far the single most supportive individual in this workplace drama going on for years. This case should have been closed and dealt with months ago and only with your follow-up support did I truly reach resolution. I give my absolute gratitude and appreciation for how you guided us through the process.

Here’s how to get started

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First, let's talk! Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with Dr. Debra Dupree.

  • Review concerns, challenges, goals, and desired change.
  • Review your needs and objectives to determine which plan best meets your current situation.

Then, choose the CCC package that suits your needs:

When a payment plan option is selected, a PayPal invoice is sent and due for payment prior to the first scheduled session and before receiving access to the Subscription Series.

Silver Pack / 2 sessions

  • Three Steps to Mindset Shift Process: the Assessments for Emotional Intelligence, Communication & Conflict Management
  • Debrief on what the assessments mean and developing an action plan for forward movement
  • Receive a “Communication Strategy for Dealing with Different (and sometimes Difficult) People” (and what to do when that person is YOU!)

Gold Pack / 6 sessions

  • All from The Silver Pack, and more
  • Understanding and clearing the blocks in your way
  • Hot Spot Support for 30 days: access on demand, as needed on difficult day-to-day encounters. This is available upon text notification.
  • Option to purchase Subscription to Dr. D’s Agile Life Series (videos, audios, and e-books) valued at $1297 – yours for $497.

Premium Pack / 12 sessions

  • All from The Gold Pack plus much more
  • Strategies and practice for managing difficult situations now and tomorrow
  • Develop your personal brand for use in all walks of life
  • Unlimited Hot Spot Support
  • Free Subscription to Dr. D’s Agile Life Series (videos, audios, and ebooks) valued at $1297

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

I continue working with you at no extra charge until we achieve 70-90%** improvement in your Mindset Shift and how you show up. My word is my commitment!

** based on the process benchmark we will be working on.