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Your Partner In Fostering Collaboration and Profitability Through Early Intervention and Effective Dispute Resolution

As an experienced provider of Dispute Resolution Services, I specialize in guiding organizations, in-house counsel, external legal advocates, mediators, and labor unions through the complexities of conflict resolution.

My expertise spans from pre-mediation preparation through the mediation process. Additionally, I facilitate difficult meetings and bring multiple parties together to resolve disputes. I am dedicated to cultivating harmony, inclusion, and fairness in the workplace.

When we emphasize EARLY intervention, together we create opportunities to transform conflicts and confrontations into collaboration, connection, retention, and profitability. Consequently, we build a more cohesive and productive work environment.

Let’s work together to navigate challenges, bridge gaps, and build stronger, more resilient relationships within your organization.

Bringing the head, the heart, the body, AND the pocketbook together for ‘both-gain’ solutions!

Is Mediation the right choice?

What other Dispute Resolution options exist?

Subject Matter Expertise

Title VII Protections | Wrongful Termination | Workplace Relations
Business Partner Disputes | Board Leadership Relations

Why Mediation?

  • Resolution through mediation has traditionally been 80-90% effective.
  • Recent surveys show that this figure has jumped to nearly 100% with the advent of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).
    • With this kind of success rate, who doesn’t want to try Mediation?
  • Among Mediation participants,
    • 5% reported not using mediation earlier as it was not offered as an option by their lawyers or employers.
    • 37.5% said they lacked information about the benefits of mediation and what it offered for resolution.
    • Conflict Management training’ along with access to 1:1 conflict coaching with third-party facilitated meetings by expert neutrals greatly improved the workplace climate.

It’s time to debunk the myths about mediation and do a better job of informing employees about options available to resolve differences and improve workplace relationships.

Getting there requires a shift and agility to how we think, how we connect, and what we can expect through resolution of differences. Moreover, it involves embracing new strategies and approaches to conflict management.

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About Dr. Debra Dupree

“Dr. Debra Dupree is a Dispute Resolution Master and International Keynote Speaker. She was featured in July 2023 at TEDx Taft Avenue on “We’re Talking but Are We Really Communicating?” and as a keynote speaker for SCMA’s August 2023 Employment Mediation Institute at Loyola Law School on “Why Aren’t They Listening? Redirecting the Disputant’s Mindset” – both received rave reviews.

Dr. D began mediating in 1993 in community issues and quickly transformed the art and magic of mediation to her workplace clients challenged by managing medical issues in the workplace under the newly enacted Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). She expanded into the diverse array of protections under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and recognized by the Federal Executive Board (FEB) – Los Angeles as the 2005 “Super SMART Mediator of the Year” for her leadership and training in the federal government roll-out of internal conflict resolution systems.

Since then, she has served on various national, state, and local panels as well as leadership roles at ACR, ABA DR, SCMA, and ADR-San Diego. From 2000-2005, she was the Director of Training for the Mediation Training Institute, training professionals in workplace mediation strategies throughout North America. Previously, she was the Co-Chair and Newsletter Editor for the ACR Workplace Section.

Today, she is an AAA faculty member in basic/advanced techniques for mediators/advocates/arbitrators, and a Member of their Employment Mediation Panel. She actively delivers training programs through the ABA-DR Section and other mediation associations internationally, bringing an interdisciplinary approach to dispute resolution by advancing strategies that address the neuroscience behind people in conflict and advanced techniques for mediators to manage the emotional intensity of parties in dispute.

She is the Founder | Host of the podcast “DECODING THE CONFLICT MINDSET” featuring ‘Thought Leaders’ worldwide, sharing their insights and perspectives on people in conflict. She also launched a second podcast in 2021 “HOT TOPICS: When Medical Conditions Impact Work” to guide employers and employees through the increasing complexities of medical conditions and accommodations.

What our clients say about The AGILE Mediator | Advocate

Gregg Relyea, Esq.

Mediation Offices of Gregg F. Relyea, Esq.

Thank you for your outstanding participation as a speaker (along with your super professional PowerPoint slides) and for your help in preparing the program. It was a clear success in no small part due to your involvement not only as a Presenter but in coordinating the entire ZOOM process for me. I learned so much through your ZOOM expertise.

Sarah J


Thank you for sharing this very helpful information and advice for mediators/legal professionals. Zoom is a great tool but can be challenging to feel connected to the participants. These tips for building rapport are valuable.

Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Founder @ Learn to Mediate Online

Of special importance for attorneys such as myself, Dr. Debra is especially skilled at helping lawyers transition from the role of advocate to neutral with all of the nuances of that shift. Her greatest skill I believe is her ability to humanize the conflict resolution process and to introduce the needed and necessary psychological understanding that any professional needs to properly assist clients in difficult times.

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