DCM Guest


WELCOME! I'm delighted with your interest in joining me for this acclaimed podcast series consisting of dispute resolution enthusiasts (professionals, executives, leaders and students) from many walks of life.

Hi, I’m your host, Debra Dupree!

With over 30 years’ experience working with people in conflict, I’ve learned many lessons from both my clients and the professionals I’ve encountered over those years.  I am passionate about spreading the word on how to navigate through the conflicts we encounter in life.

The bottom line...

...it’s about bringing about change, one conversation at a time. It’s about creating curious and courageous dialogue, exploring where others are coming from, learning from their perspectives, bringing conversations of peace to their worlds of influence. 


That’s what DCM is all about!

Since the launch of Decoding the Conflict Mindset ↴

✓ over 1.8k people visited Relationships at Work

5,600+ views dispute resolution enthusiasts watched the episodes on Youtube

✓ with a total of 270+ hours of content watched on the Youtube channel, from which the top 4 places are occupied by DCM episodes

✓ and over 2.5k members of the Relationships at Work community constantly interact with the DCM content


And, it keeps growing! People are hungry to learn more so I’m delighted to share your message with our DCM community.

A few important details ↴

🎙 Each interview (audio and video) runs about 30-40 minutes using the ZOOM virtual platform. Once we’re connected on the day of the recording, we’ll warm up with some conversation, check our connections and lighting, review the questions and get ready to record.

On the day of your scheduled pre-recorded interview date, we encourage you to post a statement like the following.

"So excited to be speaking with Dr. Debra Dupree (The MINDSET Doc) today on her podcast, "Decoding the Conflict Mindset (DCM)."

This will increase visibility for your featured podcast interview as well as promote DCM as a pre-event notice for the upcoming YouTube premiere in 4-6 weeks. We both-gain!


🎙 Using my online scheduler makes it super easy to schedule, complete a short Guest Speaker Questionnaire and immediately receive a confirming email. So, check your inbox after scheduling to make sure everything comes through and we are on your calendar.


🎙 Questions to frame your guest speaker experience are generated in one of two ways:
1) You are asked to suggest questions/themes for me (Dr. D) to ask given the message you wish to share.
2) Based on our review of your materials submitted (articles, book(s), TedX, programs and other interviews), we might also develop a question or two.


🎙 Let me know where you’ve been to really bring out your expertise. We’ll review all questions prior to recording so you, as the guest, know what to expect. No surprises! The episode is designed to be conversational with dialogue between us. After recording, my guests often tell me how quickly the time flew by and how much fun they had in sharing their insights in a relaxed and conversational way.


🎙 If, during the interview, you misspeak or would like to answer a question with a different response, no problem...we’ll pause, regroup, and edit later accordingly.


🎙 Recordings are generally published within 60-90 days from the date of recording. We host a Premiere on YouTube the first Thursday of each month so you can join me LIVE to answer questions and chat with our viewers. We have a schedule of planned release dates for each episode so you know how to plan with your own social media channels; we encourage you to share our social media posts, so we reach more DR enthusiasts.. together! This is a ‘team effort’ so look forward to working with you.


🎙 Brand alignment throughout promotion is key to us. We are happy to provide designs for online promotion and we can customize them upon your request. If you wish to create your own designs to promote the episode, make sure to include the official DCM logo with no alterations and use the official colors of the podcast(yellow and gray).

Since starting as a Podcaster in 2016 ↴

I’ve amassed a following of listeners worldwide. Prior to DCM, I produced over 130 episodes of MINDSET Mondays, featured on iTunes and SoundCloud. Today, my venue is YouTube-based and my community is growing fast! Check it all out here. 

If you have any questions, please text me at 619.433.4264 (cell) or send an email to dr.dupree@relationships-at-work.com.

I am excited to have you on board as a DCM Guest Speaker!

Thank you for your time and sharing your message!