Decoding the Conflict Mindset Podcast


A podcast series designed for the Dispute Resolution Enthusiast who truly seeks to bring conversations of peace to their worlds of influence.

My intent is to empower you - leaders from all walks of life whether it be law, business, technology or healthcare - to make a change in your workplace and among your clientele, one conversation at a time.


The world demands a new mindset to how we view our social, economic, health and environmental concerns.


My guest speakers represent Thought Leaders in the Dispute Resolution field, Disruptors, Subject Matter Experts from various walks of life and remarkable Business Leaders, all of whom bring valuable insight on lessons learned and how to move the world forward, one conversation at a time!

It’s about building “courageous workplace cultures” where you are safe to contribute, feel accepted, and acknowledged for what you bring to the table…truly where you can make a difference.

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The DCM Podcast launches a new episode on Youtube the first week of every month. You can watch below the episodes we launched up to this point.

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How can I make a difference in the lives of others? That is the question that still drives my work even after decades of practice. To me, people are fascinating! They’re simple yet complex, wonderfully warm yet bewildering angry for reasons we don’t always understand.

It’s all about developing a conflict mindset that makes things happen! - a brief but very accurate description of my discussion with Jeffrey Zaino. The conflict resolution mindset is a subject I am very passionate about and a fundamental skill for any dispute resolution specialist.

Once we release our attachment to the story of our past, we can genuinely activate our inner visionary and create boundary-disrupting, meaningful conversations. Gabrielle Hartley shares her own journey and how it shaped her insight about navigating through complicated relationships.

Every now and again, I plan on decoding the psychological side of the conflict mindset. After all, that's my expertise! In this Special Episode, let's learn the most common fears, biases and distortions that appear in conflict. 

Just as Susan Guthrie so wisely recalls in our discussion, the most expensive words in business are “But we’ve always done it this way.” The ability to embrace change, pivot and adapt is essential in the modern office, especially in the legal/mediation practice.

Jeff Kichaven shares a lot of learned experience in the world of dispute resolution. In this episode, we focus on the challenges of confidentiality in the new hybrid practice, especially when mediation is involved.

The foundation of our world has been shaken, but not broken. If you're a leader, you know it's your job to handle difficult conversations and understand the needs of your employees. Watch this episode of the DCM Podcast to learn the art of Coaching Forward Feedback.

Scott represents a dispute resolution enthusiast who truly believes in his mission for changing the way people navigate through divorce, bringing resolution rather than confrontation. Learn about the ‘Peacekeeping’ mindset with Dr. Debra Dupree & Scott Levin!

Kimberly Best comes to us with a healthcare-professional-long-steeped-as-a-nurse approach. I have to admit, it's a conversation that hits a vulnerable spot and if you've lost someone, you will probably understand my feeling. Make sure to watch it, it's an incredible episode!

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