Decoding the Conflict Mindset Podcast

Workplace Conflict Mindset Podcasts: Strategies for Resolution

Decoding the Conflict Mindset with Dr. Debra Dupree, The Mindset Doc

Workplace Conflict Mindset Podcasts: Strategies for Resolution

This podcast series is designed for the Dispute Resolution Enthusiast who seeks to bring conversations of peace to their worlds of influence.

My intent is to excite you and empower YOU - leaders from all walks of life whether it be law, business, technology or healthcare - to positively influence how you cultivate change and well-being to your life, your workplace, and your circles of influence, one conversation at a time.

This includes exploring the complexities of the Conflict Mindset and offering insights into resolution strategies.


The world demands a 'new mindset' for how we act upon
our social, economic, health and environmental concerns.

It's no longer based on our laurels and experience (while very important), people want and crave 'connection' and meaningful interaction!

Bottom-line - how do we connect to move forward by building trust and authenticity while fostering an atmosphere of 'psychological safety?'

Let's be part of the effort to bring opportunities to the world to expand their views, enhance


My guest speakers represent Thought Leaders, Dispute Resolution professionals, HR Disruptors, Subject Matter Experts, and remarkable Business Leaders from all walks of life, all of whom bring valuable insights on lessons learned on how to move the world forward, one connection at a time!

It’s about building 'courageous workplace cultures' with 'psychological safety' where people feel safe to contribute, experience inclusion, and ask for and receive feedback for learning conversations with grace, integrity, and professionalism. It involves acknowledging people for what they bring to the table where they truly feel they can make a difference.

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