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Today’s workplace is challenged in many ways.

particularly with effective dispute resolution. The challenges come from many directions: the usual co-worker relationships, supervisors who promote from within, managers who focus on tasks and miss opportunities to connect with people, and leaders who put their own interests or the financial needs of the organization first. Put these challenges on top of racial, gender, and generational inequities as well as uncertain medical conditions and economic factors driven by COVID-19, and differences surface in all directions.

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A Case Study: Conflict in Action – Defining the Business Problem with Dispute Resolution

The head of a department reached out recently to discuss a situation between two employees needing dispute resolution.

They’ve been working together on the same team for the last year, providing support to each other in some very tense and difficult situations. However, missteps in communication flourish and biases and attitudes run rampant. The current now runs through the entire department.

Both are really good employees. Gender, generational and racial differences abound. Both blame the immediate supervisors for failing to curb inappropriate behaviors some nine months ago. There’s reluctance to move forward with mediation as the less tenured employee feels she’s tried to make amends but lacked support from her male supervisors. She’s at a loss and ready to walk.

Interestingly, the more seasoned employee feels he too has tried to make amends but rebuffed in his attempts. Both attempt to move on yet there’s no resolution.

Can this relationship be salvaged? I think so but it’s going to take some work, not just mediation. Some coaching to each employee but also to the head of the department and the immediate supervisors – it’s time to build psychological safety.

Is this YOU?

Feeling caught in the middle of your employees’ differences? Are employees complaining about disparate treatment, unfair practices, and not getting their needs met…while the work isn’t getting done? Feeling a lack of support from your leadership - not sure where to turn? It's time to implement some NEW Workplace Solutions!

The many faces of Workplace Conflict

Long before COVID-19 kicked in, companies struggled to manage employees with health-related conditions that impacted their ability to be at work and perform the work, impacting productivity and profitability.

Businesses of all sizes struggle to shift to on-site | hybrid | remote models of doing business while keeping employees safe.  And, keeping people safe has led to shifts in operations, staggered hours, and meeting employees' demand for greater flexibility in where and how they work.

An agile approach to meeting our employees' needs while also maintaining great service to our customers is at the forefront!

Learn more about what we have to offer to speed the way and strengthen the outcome!

Facts that impact your organization

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute (2019), Workplace Bullying is real and serious in today’s globally challenged work environment:

    • 61% of bullying comes from bosses or supervisors. Thirty-three percent comes from co-workers. The remaining 6 percent occurs when people at lower employment levels bully their supervisors or others above them.
    • About 70% of bullies are male, and about 30% are female.
    • Both male and female bullies are more likely to target women.
    • 60% of employees who leave their organizations often do so as a result of unresolved conflict, usually with their immediate supervisor.

Are these good reasons to listen to what your employees are saying?

Is it time to take a deeper dive into what’s brewing underneath the surface at your workplace?

These are the kinds of workplace scenarios that warrant attention through dispute resolution strategies before they become costly to YOUR organization.

5 Reasons to Choose Dr. D’s

Dr. D works with leaders and employees at all levels to leverage their mindsets for resolving differences that lead to workplace disputes and disruptions.

Here’s what you gain when working with The Mindset Doc:

Strength and courage in building connections through strategic communication

Repair and mending of damaged relationships and bruised egos

Competency in cultural differences for today’s diverse and inclusive workplace

Increased profitability with reduced absenteeism, health costs, and legal expenses

Gain strategies to build pathways for courageous and compassionate cultures.

Now, isn't that worth taking some action towards agile living?

The Agile Workplace Products and Services

Learn more about our Learning & Development services:

The AGILE Workplace Mediation process starts with these key steps:

1. First, you book a complimentary “Let’s Talk” call to address the disputes (or issues) at hand.

2. Then, engage in individual 1:1 Pre-Mediation Sessions and submit your Consent to Engage in Mediation, which you will find here.

3. Finally, click here to schedule the 4-hour mediation session to navigate through your differences with the other person in conflict. This includes 3 hours of mediation and 1 hour for the mediation agreement.

The pricing is $2,997 for 10 hours of service, shared equally by the parties to the dispute.

NOTE: Additional sessions and costs may apply depending on the complexity of the situation.

Package pricing includes a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) when the agreement is reached.

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The Interactive Process (TIP) is a way for the employee with the medical condition to work with their employer in a confidential process to explore how to restore the employee to full functioning in the essential functions of their job - with or without accommodation.

What our clients say about The Agile Workplace

C. Alejos

Del Mar School District

Once again, Dr. Dupree not only helped me understand this complex topic (ERTW Programs) but helped me ideate practices and processes which will make our district a better place to work and a safer place to be.

A. DeLaPeza


Thank you for all your help, guidance and support getting me to where I now am and looking forward to growing even more. With your guidance, I was able to negotiate through some challenging conversations about my role and fair compensation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

P. Hall

State Parks & Recreation

You've been by far the single most supportive individual in this workplace drama going on for years. This case should have been closed and dealt with months ago and only with your follow-up support did I truly reach resolution. I give my absolute gratitude and appreciation for how you guided us through the process.

"We've long built on what we technically know but not what we understand about ourselves and others."

Dr. Debra Dupree

The Agile Workplace is for YOU

If you are a manager who recognizes the importance of employee health and well-being to the bottom line, your reputation, and future growth potential.

If you are a manager who realizes that your employees are your most valuable asset in getting the work done and they need a safe environment to get that accomplished – not only physical, but also psychological.

If you are an employee confronted with bullying or bad bossing and it’s making you suffer health consequences or if you’ve developed a medical condition and not sure how to move forward.