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#1 Internal Half-Day Workshop

Emotional Intelligence in Conflict Resolution

Navigating Intense Disputes with Finesse and Grace

Join Dr. D. for an immersive and transformative half-day internal workshop that equips participants with the tools and strategies to navigate emotionally-charged disputes using tools employed by seasoned mediators. Through interactive exercises, engaging discussions, and practical applications, attendees gain insights into their levels of emotional intelligence and communication styles, while becoming stronger at collaborative problem-solving.

Executive Summary

This half-day professional development workshop focuses on practical conflict resolution skills to help attendees navigate intense disputes with finesse and grace. Through a combination of experiential learning, case studies, and interactive discussions, attendees gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and its connection to conflict resolution.

The workshop begins with an exploration of the links between emotions and conflict, highlighting the importance of emotional awareness and regulation to the successful resolution of disputes. Participants engage in immersive exercises to hone their active listening skills, cultivate empathy, and develop strategies for creating safe boundaries while building an environment of inclusion and connection.

Throughout the half-day, attendees delve into the art of effective communication, focusing on assertiveness, respectful dialogue, and managing difficult conversations. Practice opportunities include: structural problem-solving techniques, understanding power dynamics, and learning to navigate power imbalances in intense conflict scenarios.

The workshop culminates in a collaborative exercise, where participants apply their newfound emotional intelligence and communication skills to a realistic conflict case study. This hands-on experience allows attendees to integrate their learning and receive personalized feedback, ensuring practical application in real-world situations.

Learning Points/Objectives

  1. Develop emotional awareness and regulation techniques for navigating intense disputes.
  2. Cultivate effective communication strategies for assertive and respectful dialogue – with a greater appreciation for the power of empathy.
  3. Apply problem-solving techniques and navigate power dynamics in intense conflict scenarios.

Attendee Take-Aways

  1. A better understanding of emotional intelligence and its role in helping attendees navigate emotionally-charged disputes.
  2. Improved problem-solving skills and confidence in managing intense conflict scenarios.
  3. Strengthened ability to navigate power dynamics and imbalances in disputes.

Style for Attendee Engagement

The workshop fosters an engaging and interactive learning environment, utilizing a combination of group discussions, experiential exercises, role-plays, and case studies. Participants actively engage in activities, reflections, and peer-to-peer learning, resulting in a dynamic and transformative learning experience.

Program Outline

Hour 1: Understanding Emotional Dynamics in Disputes (60 minutes)

  • Introduction to the interplay between emotions and conflict resolution
  • Exploring the impact of emotions on mediation outcomes
  • Interactive discussions and group activities to deepen understanding

Hour 2: Strategies for Creating a Safe and Productive Dispute Resolution Environment (60 minutes)

  • Techniques for creating a safe and supportive space for resolution
  • Role-plays and case studies to practice redirecting emotional behavior
  • Developing empathy and active listening skills for effective mediation


Program Outline

Hour 3: Applying Emotional Intelligence to Intense Disputes (60 minutes)

  • Examining the role of emotional intelligence in successful dispute resolution
  • Identifying and managing emotions in high-stakes situations
  • Group exercises to enhance emotional awareness and regulation

Hour 4: Problem-Solving and Collaboration in Intense Disputes (60 minutes)

  • Developing problem-solving strategies specific to intense disputes
  • Exercises to strengthen team dynamics to foster greater collaboration. 
  • Closing discussions and key takeaways for future application

Attendees will leave this intensive 4-hour workshop with enhanced skills and knowledge to manage emotionally-charged disputes and conflict. They gain practical tools and techniques to redirect emotional behavior, create a safe space for resolution, and improve problem-solving skills specific to intense dispute situations. Moreover, their emotional intelligence and ability to navigate intense conflicts will be effectively strengthened, fostering a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Dr. Debra Dupree is a Dispute Resolution Master and International Keynote Speaker. She is an active member of the ABA Dispute Resolution section and an AAA faculty member in basic/advanced techniques for mediators/advocates/arbitrators, and a Member of their Employment Mediation Panel.

She was featured as a keynote speaker for SCMA’s Employment Mediation Institute at Loyola Law School on “Why Aren’t They Listening? Redirecting the Disputant’s Mindset.” Following rave reviews. SCMA asked her back as a featured speaker for their Annual Conference, partnering with co-presenter Harold Coleman.

The two partnered again at the October 2023 ABA DR’s 20th Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Institute as featured plenary speakers. And shortly thereafter as Guest Speakers during Mediation Week, sponsored by the Lodestar Mediation Training Institute at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, located at Arizona State University.

Eloquently and magnificently presented! Unique and creative delivery style while clearly teaching the message. Dr. Dupree is a gift as a presenter and has instilled very positive and enriching changes that I am motivated to implement and reflect on daily. Please bring her back!

"Thank you! You were amazing! Your visuals were great and you had everything so well organized. Your speech was lively and interesting! It was clear why you're in demand worldwide . It's really important to be able to resolve conflict and you share your passion brilliantly! We were very impressed!"

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