90-Day Leadership Bootcamp

Building a courageous workplace culture

with Dr. Debra Dupree

Today’s workplace is challenged in many ways.

Did you know...

  • Poor communication is the #1 cause of workplace conflict.
  • Personality and value-clashes are #2 cause of workplace conflict.
  • 60% of employee departures are a result of unresolved conflicts.
  • 61% of bullying comes from bosses or supervisors; 33% comes from co-workers.  Women are more likely to be targeted than men.

Source: Workplace Bullying Institute, 2019

Does this look like your workplace?

These kinds of behaviors cost American organizations billions of dollars measured by loss of productivity, decreased product quality, wasted time, absenteeism, increased illness, decline in customer service and satisfaction, loss of good employees, and more.  Not to mention but a bad place to work and poor reputation in the community.

“Good employees” leave “good organizations” due to conflict.  As you might guess, departures were particularly marked by conflicts left unmanaged, harming workplace relationships and the organizational culture.

These kinds of workplace scenarios demand attention before they become costly and disruptive to your organization and your people.

We're here to help you gain greater control of challenging workplace dynamics.  Develop insights and strategies for addressing problem behaviors, emerging work force trends and fostering a psychologically-safe work environment.


What is

the 90-day AGILE Leadership Bootcamp?


24 hours - Webinar Format (6)

Every two weeks

(12-15 participants)


30-minute sessions (6)

Every other two weeks

1:1 Confidential via Zoom


As needed, 15-minute sessions

Unlimited, as needed

1:1 guidance on difficult situations

Getting started with the TRAINING

For 12 weeks, participants engage in two 90-minute webinars for each module every other week (6 weeks total).

How the 1:1 COACHING STRATEGY works:

Learning is one thing. Transferring learning to daily practice is another.


It’s one thing to learn, it’s another on how to apply it or, how to navigate through those more difficult conversations and challenging relationships. A key component of the 90-day Agile Leadership Bootcamp is the opportunity for dedicated, confidential 1:1 Coaching to apply what’s learned based on individual needs.

Each Bootcamp participant is afforded six (6) 1:1 dedicated coaching ZOOM calls to address unique concerns and challenges throughout the 90-day experience. Each session follows one group experience.

Action plans for growth and development are designed to meet individual objectives.



Life happens and doesn’t wait until the next coaching session and training webinar to ask questions and get guidance in dealing with difficult situations.

Participants have the opportunity to text and pretty much get same-day response or within 24 hours when situations demand immediate attention. This featured benefit remains available long after the bootcamp ends.


Certificates of Attendance are issued upon completion of the 90-day Agile Leadership Bootcamp and may be applied towards relevant certification programs and professional development for 27 contact hours.

Take your business to the NEXT level!

Click below and start your journey towards a courageous culture.

Strategy sessions are complimentary to address your concerns and brainstorm best approaches to resolve your workplace issues. Customized plans available based on a proven strategy.

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Why do you need the Leadership Bootcamp?

Here are three key benefits:

  1. Foster employee engagement and team-building opportunities at the leadership level, whatever level that may be, while efficiently and effectively managing employees at odds to reduce conflict.
  2. Strengthen leadership skills and mindset to effectively lead the hybrid workplace, going beyond cultural, generational, and gender challenges to embrace those wherever they work and whenever they work.
  1. Embrace Emotional Intelligence strategies to improve communication, expand diversity and inclusion, and create psychological safety to promote creativity and productivity for the health of the organization and its people.


What does this mean for your organization?

  1. More time for you to invest in developing the company instead of chronic crisis management.
  2. Less headaches, less stress, and more free time for you, your hobbies and your family.
  3. More profitable and productive employees to improve the bottom line.


Managers, executives and officers were found most highly engaged out of all employees while millennials were considered least engaged. Based on national averages, employees in manufacturing and production were also the least engaged.

Is it time to start paying attention to the behaviors of disengagement and what your employees really need in today’s chaotic work environment?

I believe so and guess what? There IS something you can do about it!

Learn about people in conflict from experts!

1 in 10 people has difficulties in approaching conflict with a solution-oriented mindset. Learn how you can facilitate resolution in your team!

My intent is to empower you - leaders from all walks of life whether it be law, business, technology or healthcare - to make a change in your workplace and among your clientele, one conversation at a time.

It’s about building “courageous workplace cultures” where you are safe to contribute, feel accepted, and acknowledged for what you bring to the table…truly where you can make a difference.