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Today’s advancing Supervisor, Manager and Leader often possess the technical knowledge to promote up in an organization yet often lack the people knowledge to manage and lead people effectively.  Growing out of Dr. D’s doctoral dissertation on “The Psychology of Good Bosses vs. Bad Bosses, her 90-day Leading Consciously Now program is designed to expand the mindset and transform leadership styles to include the “people” skills critical for the success of today’s effective leader.  Avoid the risky business of bad bossing before it puts you, those around you, and your organization at risk for lawsuits and costly downfalls.


Working one-on-one with Dr. Dupree, individuals develop their ability to master the specific relationship challenges they face. Through conflict and situational coaching, they learn to redirect old behaviors that stop them from being happier and more successful in life.

Leading Consciously Now Online Training

This series of 75-90 minute Webinars are designed for anyone wanting to improve their influence and persuasion with others:

  • New managers
  • Existing Managers wanting to grow their leadership influence
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leads


Why is leadership development so important?

“Some people naturally understand how to work with others collaboratively and how to build rapport, while others come to leadership from a less developed starting point.”  Scott Blanchard of the Blanchard Group points to research that shows most managers don’t receive the needed training to be successful in moving up until they are about ten years into their managerial career.  “The effects are damaging at both an individual and organizational level,” says Blanchard. “More than 60 percent of new managers underperform or fail in their first two years.  And those who survive without managerial training often find themselves with negative habits that are hard to break—which can hold them back for years to come.”

So, learning to manage up, down and all around from a conscious platform is something everyone can benefit from.  Here’s what you can learn in less than 90 minutes!

Developing Leadership Skills

This webinar will help you cultivate your leadership potential and learn to deal with the challenges of working with a diverse group of people. Through this program, participants learn to build respect and rapport with everyone on their team. Leveraging her background in psychology and business, Conflict Master and Communication Expert Dr. Debra Dupree helps people develop their potential and master their relationships at every level.

Creating The Emotionally Intelligent Workspace

This webinar helps you master your emotional intelligence, repair damaged relationships, and fulfill your career and life goals. Through this program, participants learn to build psychological safety through better self-awareness and less conflict in the workplace.

The Five Pillars of Conscious Leadership

This webinar is designed to transform leaders, formal and informal, into persons of influence and impact through engagement in five key pillars:  Presence, Awareness, Expression, Relationship Management, and Authenticity.   Participants develop awareness of how to influence others, understand differences, uncover some simple communication and conflict management strategies, and how to achieve maximum authenticity.  Participants uncover the challenges, fears, and anxieties that get in the way and how employees are distracted from being their best.


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Gustavo De La Fuente

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