Workplace Mediation Services

Are you feeling caught in the middle of your employees’ differences? 

Are employees complaining about disparate treatment, unfair practices, and not getting their needs met…all while the work isn’t getting done

Feeling a lack of support from your leadership and not sure where to turn?

Time to re-imagine how you’re managing your people? 

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and E-Mediation (E-Med) available to resolve Workplace Conflict Worldwide


Why go online?

E-Med is a voluntary process of resolving disputes with the assistance of a neutral 3rd party. Using technology is like a 4th party to the process.

Research has shown that E-Med leads to greater satisfaction than traditional in-person mediation and reduces power differences, yielding a perception that the process is ‘fair and equitable.’

The benefits are many:

  • Enhances one’s physical and emotional safety when using a virtual platform
  • Reduces face-to-face discomfort when addressing conflict
  • Reaches across geographical differences in locations
  • More cost - and time-effective
  • Reduces the duration for getting to resolution, leading to improved workplace relations
  • Expands the use of technology beyond typical work applications…a no-brainer to younger employees
  • Restores workplace relationships and gets back to the business of doing business!


Source: Harvard Law School


Dr. Debra Dupree

Employment Mediator - Workplace | Workforce Conflict Consultant

Dr. D is passionate about making a difference for people in conflict.

Growing up in a family-owned business, she saw first-hand how leadership conflicts were destructive to peers, employees, customer relations, and the bottom line.

As a former employee in both public agencies and private enterprises, she directly experienced the challenges and disruptions of unhealthy co-worker relations and leadership challenges faced in attempts to get back on track, often with dismal results. She re-imagined the future if only people would engage in constructive conversations.  She realized that they didn't know how.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Debra brings a unique perspective and skillset to ‘people differences’ as a Behavioral Health Specialist and Mediator. She vowed to improve communication to strengthen relationships and build healthier, happier lives because she knows it’s achievable. And she’s done it!

Her niche market is workplace mediation and facilitation of the interactive process for employers and employees working with medical conditions. She's worked with financial institutions, school districts, governmental agencies, and family-owned businesses, to name a few.

Where to begin?

It’s easy to get started.


Strategy Session

Schedule a ‘Strategy Session’ to explore what’s happening and uncover the options available.



Design a Plan

We create a plan with specific objectives for who’s involved, how to proceed, and a timeline for implementation.



Implement the Plan

The parties are guided in pre-mediation preparation, facilitated through real-time mediation, and guided in developing an action plan for resolution to carry forward.



Work the Plan

Dr. D follows up on the ‘Action Plan’ to ensure the success of implementation, reduction of conflict, and restoration of relationships. It's about re-imagining the future!

Know you have a problem but not sure where and how to start?

Then book your no-obligation opportunity to uncover the options.

Strategy sessions are complimentary to address your concerns and brainstorm best approaches to resolve your workplace issues. Customized plans available based on a proven strategy.

Learn more about people in conflict!

1 in 10 people has difficulties in approaching conflict with a solution-oriented mindset. Learn how you can facilitate resolution in your team!

My intent is to empower you - leaders from all walks of life whether it be law, business, technology or healthcare - to make a change in your workplace and among your clientele, one conversation at a time.

It’s about building “courageous workplace cultures” where you are safe to contribute, feel accepted, and acknowledged for what you bring to the table…truly where you can make a difference.

There’s more: webinars, interviews, reports and tips!


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