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Welcome to Mindset Mondays with Dr. D, The Mindset Doc!

Mindset Mondays is designed for people just like you - desiring insight, awareness and redirection on leveraging your mindset to achieve Agile Living.

Host Debra Dupree, The Mindset Doc, has amassed some of the best Guest Speakers from well-established businesses, start-ups, subject matter experts and successful entrepreneurs who’ve made shifts in their lives, people just like you who transformed their lives!

Guests provide valuable insight and tips on how to make a difference in achieving the life of your dreams in how you lead, how you work, and how you resolve differences to achieve happiness!

Featured in Forbes, Newsweek, and podcasts across the country, she shares insights from some of the greats like Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many more.


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Preparing for Divorce with Forrest Woody Mosten

The FIT Podcast is designed to provide support for people in all walks of life, [Read more . . .]

The Collective Failure Of Marriage & Divorce – With guest speaker Terri Breer

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding [Read more . . .]

Divorce and Beyond: Using Online Mediation – With guest speaker Attorney-Mediator Susan Guthrie

Attorney-Mediator Susan Guthrie, one of the TOP Family Law Mediators/Attorneys in the USA, joins me, [Read more . . .]

The Divorce Makeover, Part II – With guest speaker Christine Ristuccia

Part #2 of the Divorce Makeover with Christine Ristuccia

The Divorce Makeover, Part I – With guest speaker Christine Ristuccia

After a seven-year high-conflict divorce process, Christine Ristuccia decided to create a course that examines [Read more . . .]

Grief And Gratitude Around Letting Go Of Stuff – with guest speaker Sharon McRill

Letting go of a lifetime of stuff, letting go of a home you have lived [Read more . . .]

The Eastern mindset in negotiation with Mala Subramaniam

There’s been a lot of talk about mindset lately, especially around the challenging times that [Read more . . .]

Addicted to being right with Jennifer Thornton A.C.C.

Now, more than ever, we need to have conversations at all levels. We need to [Read more . . .]

Settlement of workplace injury claims: COVID-19 and occupational disease with Elliot Herland, Esq.

  “COVID-19” is definitely a topic most on people’s minds in 2020. Many challenges exist [Read more . . .]

Restoring Balance to Life without Compromising Your Relationships with Author Matthew Korban

Mathew Korban, Certified Health and Life Coach, joined Dr. D, the MINDSET Doc, to demonstrate [Read more . . .]

The Multiple Paths to Resolving Workplace Disputes with Kristin Rizzo

In celebration of Mediation Week starting October 19, Attorney-Mediator Kristin Rizzo joins Dr. D on [Read more . . .]

An Employer’s Perspective on the Interactive Process with Marc Ponce

Workers’ Compensation Manager for Albertsons, Vons, & Pavilions, Marc Ponce joins Dr. D, The MINDSET [Read more . . .]

Nine Dimensions of Success with David Nielson

Dr. D, The MINDSET Doc, brings to you author, speaker and Fortune 500 consultant, David [Read more . . .]

Thrive This Time, No Matter What – With guest speaker Shawn Mahshie

Shawn’s seemingly idyllic life crashed under the weight of chronic illness/pain, relationship/food addiction, and severe [Read more . . .]

Transforming Conflict & Estrangment Into Gold – With guest speaker Shawn Mahshie

The “Families In Trouble” Podcast is designed to provide support for people in all walks [Read more . . .]

Vibrational Intelligence With Gary Malkin and the MINDSET Doc

Composer and Emmy Winner Gary Malkin joins Dr. D, The MINDSET Doc to explore the [Read more . . .]

The Silver Bullet with Neil Gordon

They say that it was only the silver bullet that could kill the werewolf. And [Read more . . .]

Preparing for Divorce with Forrest Woody Mosten

The FIT Podcast is designed to provide support for people in all walks of life, [Read more . . .]