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Our vision & mission

Our vision is to positively and influentially reset and redirect people’s thoughts and perspectives around conflict from something to avoid to an opportunity to learn, grow and improve. 

Our mission is to influence millions of minds worldwide through meaningful engagement and valuable content at your feet on the ground or virtually in the cloud to make a difference in the civility of today's world.

Our purpose is to build authentic connections and personal accountability to thrive with a growth and agile mindset. 

Our intent is to strengthen your resilience by being proactive (not reactive) and assertive (not aggressive) for leading consciously, influentially, and courageously to achieve peace-making at every level of life - one conversation at a time.

Why work with us?

Hi, I am Dr. Debra Dupree, The Mindset Doc.

Our world of work is much more complex on many different levels than ever before!

With nearly 30 years in dispute resolution and a career in working with people in conflict, I work with leaders across disciplines on how to leverage the mindset to work with people from different walks in life.

What you gain when working with me:

  • a new framework (mindset) for looking at conflict
  • proven strategies for working through 'people' differences
  • uncovering the veil of unconscious bias & impact on workplace relationships
  • improved health, wellness, and organizational happiness 

Now, isn't that worth taking some action towards agile living?

Ready for a
memorable event?

Dr. Dupree is a dynamic and engaged speaker, never failing to excite her audience.

She has nearly 30 years of professional experience as an accomplished corporate consultant and keynote speaker.

She is recognized as one of the top 10  trainers by participants worldwide
through her 10 years' experience with SkillPath Corporate Strategies.

She has served as a Speaker and Content expert for VISTAGE & Executive Renaissance Forums for business leaders worldwide.

Companies such as Teradata, Yamaha, Stanford University, Cal Western School of Law, Hong Kong Institute of Mediation, and the Department of Navy have called upon her to “train their trainers” as well as coaching leaders at every level around the world.

Our experience speaks for itself



that we helped to improve their results in mediation by expanding their mindset.



 that now know how to conduct an effective dialogue with their employees when it comes to benefits and accommodations.



 whom we helped polish their skills and knowledge by leveraging their mindset for greater influence.

Clients from all over the world trust us

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Being aware of other styles/perspectives – being aware of my negative traits and how they come across.

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Amey Brown

Be more mindful of my own actions. Debra was amazing, kind, attentive, really liked her style and presentation.

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Aimee McReynolds

To review the handouts and materials. Dr. Dupree was a breath of fresh air. Her knowledge was inspiring. She provided…

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Cynthia Stromen

Handling stressors. I enjoyed the training.

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I will definitely use a strategy recommended “How can I help you now?” I want to see if this will…

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Listen/Silent, the BEACH

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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

- Wayne Dyer