Psychology of Conflict

You are now one step closer to better understand and manage conflict.

From the beginning of humankind, a natural response existed to fight, flee, or freeze in response to threats. It’s natural, it’s biologically wired in us. Put our hands up and duke it out. Or, run fast and get out of there. Or, freeze and risk getting beaten (or eaten) up!

While the “threats” our predecessors faced are far different than those we face in 2020 - COVID-19 and social unrest - that basic biological response lives on. The “fight” response seldom serves us well in contemporary times even though it continues to be used when we don’t feel heard or our pleas ignored.

The words we use are critical. The divide that we unintentionally make or not is huge. And, what we do as dispute resolutionists to reduce the walls of conflict before and during mediation is HUGE.

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✅ The BEACH. A simple, yet powerful tool to help you listen to understand, not to reply

✅ How to use emotional intelligence and what are the steps to develop it

✅ How to use compassion in conflict resolution and why it is essential if you want to be a better mediator

✅ Why "winning" the argument doesn't mean "winning" in fact

✅ The importance of perspective and what does it have to do with mediation