The Multiple Paths to Resolving Workplace Disputes with Kristin Rizzo

In celebration of Mediation Week starting October 19, Attorney-Mediator Kristin Rizzo joins Dr. D on MINDSET Mondays to explore workplace disputes and resolutions that range from micro-aggressions to unconscious and/or subconscious biases. Workplace cultures can either foster (non-retaliatory) or hinder (retaliatory) reporting and investigating concerns | complaints. Kristin’s [Read more . . .]

Nine Dimensions of Success with David Nielson

Dr. D, The MINDSET Doc, brings to you author, speaker and Fortune 500 consultant, David Nielson. Nielson is an engaging, entertaining, and inspiring thought leader on a broad spectrum helping others plan for Conscious Success. His book “The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success: It’s all about You” is [Read more . . .]