Positive Persuasion and Overcoming Fear…Making the Sale

People who hate salespeople think they are trying to convince them to do something they don’t want to do. How does this view differ from positive persuasion and influence? How do you overcome fear through self-awareness and emotional intelligence? In this Real Estate Uncensored episode, Dr. Dupree shares on communication, emotional intelligence, and how to give prospects a sense of security when you talk to them.


REULive hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson outlined some highlights from the webcast.

  • The more emotional intelligence you have, the higher and faster your career/business rises.
  • To be a more effective listener, remember the sounds of the BEACH:
    • Beliefs
    • Expectations
    • Assumptions/attitudes,
    • Concerns/challenges
    • Hopes
  • Before you take an action ask yourself how you want to feel on the other side of the decision.
  • If you don’t feel like you’re the expert, be the student that shares.

When it comes to positive persuasion and even overcoming your own fear, awareness is half the battle. Once you know your physiological and emotional signs of fear, you can use reflection to identify the source of the feeling, and realize it’s just a sensation. This takes emotional intelligence. Awareness also serves you well in tailoring your communication to a specific person. The key is listening, looking at body language and knowing if the prospect is focused on the what, who, how or why. Remember to listen for the sounds of the BEACH, and also explore their fears, values and needs.

Overcoming fear

In this short segment from the webcast, Dr. Dupree tells how we can overcome fear by being aware of its affect physiologically and emotionally, being in the moment, then thinking through the moment.

Read REULive’s summary, listen to audio via iTunes, or watch the full episode on YouTube.

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