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This page is designed to equip you with valuable insights and tools for effective conflict resolution. Explore a curated collection of informative videos and downloadable PDFs, all dedicated to expanding your mindset and empowering you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate disputes with courage, confidence, and connection. Whether you're seeking expert advice on mediation, arbitration, or negotiation, our carefully selected resources are tailored to provide you with practical solutions. Dive in and enhance your dispute resolution skills today!

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12 Patterns of Distorted Thinking

10 Triggers For a Fear-Based, Emotional Mindset

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Discover how 'First Imperial Credit Union' achieved a remarkable reduction in turnover rates, dropping from 37% to an impressive 7%, and continuing to trend even lower this year!

Fidel Gonzales

President and CEO
First Imperial Credit Union

Having a specialist who knows a lot about these situations is really important. Allen Williams saw how Relationships at Work set up a nice and caring way of doing things that focuses on what employees really need.

Allen Williams

Executive Director of HR
Bonsall Unified School District

Learn how Tye Bourdony emphasizes the concept of an "emotional hijack" in the context of negotiations or mediations

Tye Bourdony

Primary Mediation Trainer Director
Mediation Center of Central Florida

Conflict Resolution Redefined:

Dr. D's Strategies for Growth and Harmony

Raised in a family-owned business plagued by unresolved conflicts, Dr. D gained firsthand insight into the destructive consequences such conflicts can have on relationships. Driven by a profound passion for dispute resolution, she committed herself to assisting leaders and professionals in finding practical solutions to conflicts.

Despite facing personal hardships, including business closure and single parenthood, Dr. D’s determination only grew stronger. Drawing on her background as a mediator and psychologist, as well as guidance from inspiring mentors, she amassed a wealth of knowledge and effective strategies for navigating the complexities of conflict.

Dr. D firmly believes that each conflict necessitates a customized approach. To this end, she offers tailored services to customize the framework for guiding individuals and groups through conflict. Emphasizing the significance of courage, curiosity, insight, compassion, concern, and commitment in today’s work environments, Dr. D is dedicated to making a positive impact by redirecting confrontations into conversations.

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