Grief And Gratitude Around Letting Go Of Stuff – with guest speaker Sharon McRill

Letting go of a lifetime of stuff, letting go of a
home you have lived in for many years, letting go of
a lifestyle that may no longer fit where you are now.
And it will be a hard thing to do.

Author and Co-Founder of Evolutionary Business Council, Sharon McRill, dives into why people have such a hard time letting go and how to reframe the past into the future with Dr. Debra Dupree on MINDSET MONDAYS. The life you led 20 years ago (or more) when
you moved into this home is no longer the same life
you live now. And it’s good. Think about the memories,
acknowledge all the joys and sorrows of the time
you lived here. And know you’re moving on to a new
adventure. You will meet new people, have new experiences,
ups, downs and all the stuff that life brings.
Think of it as a new beginning. And starting fresh is
always a great place to launch from. What if you’re
about to meet a new friend, life-partner or be closer
to family? That’s exciting! Are you ready to let go and live a new life of fulfillment, freedom from “stuff” and open new doors? Then listen in!