Influence Habits For Success & Happiness – with Influencer Teresa de Grosbois

Dr. D brings to you Teresa De Grosbois to uncover 3 key habits that will ignite your life! She is a 4x Bestselling Author and an International Speaker sought by entrepreneurs and large corporations wanting to better understand how local word of mouth can suddenly turn into epidemic. Specializing in the topics of influence and success, Teresa has a proven track-record in understanding word of mouth epidemics having taken three books to best-seller status in only 8 months.

Her book Mass Influence hit #1 international bestseller status in North America and Europe on the same day it launched. Teresa teaches business and marketing courses around the globe. As the Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa leads an international, invitation-only council of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success.

Are you looking for way to shake up your life? Numerous studies show that happy individuals are successful across multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health. But there are two schools of thought on what creates happiness. The first is seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. The second is seeking self realization or personal fulfillment.

Influence is a critical skill to master.

Being recommended by even one highly influential person, could maximize your business success. And what if you were one of those top influencers yourself? What could that do for you?

Join to discover the simple habits you can build to become someone who can easily create meaningful change and support others in doing the same.