Influential Networking And Selling – With guest speaker Tony Wilkins

Tony Wilkins is the author of several books including the best-selling Telemarketing Success for small and mid-sized Firms, The Single Person’s Cookbook ( and Surviving the economy. His new book, The Career Whisperer: Behind the Podium is a step by step guide for anyone looking to launch a career as a public speaker or for sales professionals looking for a better way to reach more prospects faster and easier. Mr. Wilkins was also the publisher of Small Business Forum Magazine, and Podium Magazine and speaker’s directory. Recently named as one of the Top 10 Media Training Speakers by he ran a very successful booking service for authors and speakers(working with over 400 speakers per year) and is the creator of the annual Small Business Empowerment Conference and the Women of Influence Summit. Mr. Wilkins was also recently named National Speaker of the year and appointed to Partnering Director of the Public Speaker’s Association in San Francisco.

Tony was a remarkable person, mentor and great promoter of people. Unfortunately, Tony passed away very unexpectedly this past October at too young of an age and is missed sorely by his community. The world lost a remarkable individual.