Addicted to being right with Jennifer Thornton A.C.C.

Now, more than ever, we need to have conversations at all levels.

We need to hear what people are saying and, as leaders, to get insight as to where do we go. And yet, I find a lot of leaders being afraid to open up, perhaps to say that they don’t really know and to stop and listen. We need innovation, ideas, we need to learn.

My guest for this podcast is Jen Thornton A.C.C., founder of THREE 0 FOUR Coaching and a sought-after business strategist, specializing in startups and large value-based organizations.

She assists her clients in building talent strategies that complement their business strategies to ensure exponential growth. Jennifer has developed her expertise in Talent Strategy & Leadership Professional Development over her exciting 20+ year career as an HR Professional.

She’s led international teams across Greater China, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. to expand into new markets, managing franchise retailers, and developing key strategic partnerships – all while exceeding business objectives and financial results.

Tune in and watch our discussion to get insight into some remarkable leadership lessons that will make a difference in the way you show up with your team, your colleagues and your clients.


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