Living In A Right Relationship – With guest speaker Shawna Pelton

Dr. D brings Shawna Pelton to her “Your Presence Matters” podcast because of her important message about getting “unstuck.” Shawna is dedicated to raising the consciousness on the planet teaching people how to get unstuck by creating a quantum SHIFT in mindset so to find new meaning in challenges and be fulfilled in life.

If you’re looking for a proven professional who can mindfully guide you to:
Put an end to sabotaging habits and maintain a positive mindset with a greater sense of self
Uphold personal boundaries without losing your power to stress
Develop emotional spiritual & conversational intelligence for a calm, clear mind, vision & generativity
Learn how to trust again after loss, failure, rejection or betrayal
Master the personal skills to handle emotional triggers within a professional organization

Listen and learn what YOU can do to get “UNSTUCK!”