An Employer’s Perspective on the Interactive Process with Marc Ponce

Workers’ Compensation Manager for Albertsons, Vons, & Pavilions, Marc Ponce joins Dr. D, The MINDSET Doc, to share an employer’s perspective on the impact of the Interactive Process in managing employees with medical conditions.

Marc comes with extensive experience in operating the Healthcare Claims Division as Assistant Manager for Keenan & Associates and Claims Supervisor at Sedgwick CMS.

Together, Marc and Dr. D explore the following questions and discuss the impact of a well-managed Interactive Process can have on morale, positive reinforcement, retention, loyalty, reduced health and workers’ compensation costs, and overall business operations.

Now, that’s a lot to be gained! Listen and learn what they have to say.

Questions covered:
1. What is an Interactive Process?
2. Why is Interactive Process important?
3. What are the benefits of the Interactive Process?
4. What are the positive impacts of a successful Interactive Process?

And, here are a few tidbits about Marc. His passions are travel, baseball, golf, Norman Rockwell art, & enjoying a tasty cannoli every now & then.