Mental Health Strategies during COVID-19 – with guest speaker Dr. Justin LaPilusa, PhD

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Dr. Justin LaPilusa, PhD is a San Diego Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. He is a Qualified Medical Evaluator in the state of California. He conducts Qualified Medical Evaluations, as well as Independent Medical Evaluations for civil cases.

He provides extensive treatment for injured workers suffering with chronic pain, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal challenges, and depression. In his clinical work, he has a particular interest with failure to launch issues in young adults. Dr. LaPilusa provides individual and group psychotherapy utilizing a philosophy grounded in a framework of acceptance and commitment to action.

Today he joins the MINDSET Doc, Debra Dupree, to look at mental health issues during COVID-19. Together they explore these 5 questions:1. What are the common emotional symptoms experienced by patients and clients during this pandemic?

2. Who are the most vulnerable to increased emotional distress right now?

3. What advice would you give to someone who is experiencing anxiety or depression regarding the coronavirus?

4. What are the ethical challenges in the mental health industry when dealing with COVID-19?

5. What is the impact of COVID-19 on pre-existing mental health conditions?

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