Millennials Leading The Way – With guest speaker Arika Pierce

Dr. D, the MINDSET Doc, invites Xennial Arika Pierce, a Millennial Success Strategist and expert on multigenerational workforces, to bring us up to speed about the emerging and fast-paced Millennial Leader.

As an Xennial (the micro generation between GenX and Millennials), Arika has a unique perspective and has developed strategies and techniques to bridge millennials to generations before and after them. Listen in as Dr. D and Arika navigate through these 4 questions:
1) What makes millennial leaders different from other generations?
2)How can organizations support millennial leaders?
3)What are the misconceptions about millennial leaders?
4)What trends are shaping the future of leadership?

She is a keynote speaker and author of The Millennial’s Playbook to Adulting which aims to provide the Millennial generation with straightforward guidance and techniques for success as they navigate the transition into life as a working adult. Get your copy here:

Her second book, The Millennial Boardroom: Proven Habits of High-Performance Millennial Leaders will be released in Fall 2020. Through Arika’s coaching program, books, weekly podcast and online courses she helps hundreds of Millennials and GenZers navigate “adulting” everyday.

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