Navigating the Interactive Process: A Defense Attorney’s Perspective

Navigating the Interactive Process: A Defense Attorney’s Perspective
With Special Guest Marc Leibowitz, Esq and The MINDSET Doc, Debra Dupree.

Marc Leibowitz is a Partner at LFLM. He joined LFLM in 1997, and has exclusively practiced in the area of state workers’ compensation defense since 1989.

Prior to joining this firm, Marc worked as an in-house counsel for two large insurance companies.

We all have a story…What got you into this line of lawyering?
What are the top 3 mistakes that employers make when it comes to managing employees with medical conditions in the workplace?
What is an example of one of the most unique and/or challenging Workers’ Comp cases you’ve experience, of course, no names, please!
I see you’ve spoken several times on the interplay of ADA, FEHA and Return to work Programs as impacted by Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation.
What are 3 key facets of this interplay for employers to keep in mind?
You talked about “All that Glitters is not Gold” in your Fall 2018 presentation at COSIPA, what does that mean? And, what are some of the pitfalls in managing W.C. and RTW programs?
With your sage experience and today’s world of workplace related laws and litigation, what are 2-3 takeaways that you want our listeners to have?