Resilience For Staying Afloat In 2020 – With guest speaker Dr. Mo (Dr. Maureen Orey)

Join Dr. D and Dr. Mo as they explore 6 strategies for staying afloat in 2020 through resilience. Listen and learn how YOU can stay afloat even when the times are tough!

1. Connect With Others
2. Develop New Skills
3. Applying Ourselves
4. Using Grit
5. Follow Our Instincts
6. Find Time for Balance

And, take advantage of opportunities to get her newly released book A YEAR OF RESILIENCE! Our gift to you!

Dr. Maureen Orey, CPLP, (aka Dr. MO!) is the Founder & President of the Workplace Learning & Performance Group (WLP Group), a boutique corporate training & consulting firm founded in 2009. Her mission is simple: to help individuals and organizations to be more resilient.

She and her team help build resilient individuals and organizations through high impact consulting, training and facilitation to develop quality leaders, who improve communication, leverage diversity and implement solid processes to get measurable results.

In 2017, Dr. Orey was recognized by the international Association for Talent Development (ATD) when she received the Dissertation of the Year award, for her doctoral study on the Career Benefits and ROI of Volunteer Leadership. She is passionate about leadership development, diversity and inclusion – especially for people with disabilities.