Servant Leadership – With guest speaker James Carmody

James Carmody has a proven track record of helping his clients achieve their dreams. He has personally helped over 1,500 families purchase and refinance properties since joining the industry in 2003. Prior to becoming a mortgage banker he had a lot of success as a mortgage broker and manager. He successfully grew a company from four employees to over fifty in three short months with over 100 million in production. As a mortgage advisor, James is committed to taking a hands-on approach with his clients. He applies the perspective that “a home is your biggest investment and needs to be part of a comprehensive plan. My goal is to empower clients through education.”

It has always been James’ vision to create an educational experience for his clients. When you work with James and his team, you will immediately feel the difference. His primary purpose is to assist you in making sound financial long and short term choices. He knows that a home loan is one of the biggest financial transactions most people will ever make. He and his team are highly motivated to excel in all aspects of the loan process. We use industry leading tools to share with our clients in order for them to create a clear path to the most cost effective mortgage strategy. Being a direct lender allows James to underwrite and fund loans in-house which translates into quick smooth closings for his clients. This flexibility allows James to help local families find the right program for their ever changing needs. James is truly passionate about guiding his clients through a seamless mortgage process, and as a result nearly 100% of his business is by referral from satisfied clients and dedicated real estate professionals.

So listen and learn as Dr. D uncovers how James transformed his business with Servant Leader mindset and influences the community with RISE UP RADIO!