Settlement of workplace injury claims: COVID-19 and occupational disease with Elliot Herland, Esq.


“COVID-19” is definitely a topic most on people’s minds in 2020.

Many challenges exist in resolving workplace injury claims, specifically around COVID-19 and other non-acute occupational diseases.

To address the myriad of issues facing employers, employees and their legal representatives in this unprecedented time, we invited Labor Specialist Elliot Herland, Esq. to join us for the newest Mindset Mondays Podcast.

We address a few practical and useful questions:

➠ What is an occupational disease? What qualifies as a workplace-related sickness?

➠ What is considered as a claim to be eligible in the workers’ compensation system (with a focus on Minnesota law in comparison to other states)?

➠ What challenges surface when a claim is made?

➠ When is a case ready for mediation, or not?

➠ What challenges exist in reaching a settlement involving COVID-19 cases?

Elliot has extensive experience in mediation, having worked for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for 7 years and delivering mediation services in person, online and by phone since 2004 for Herland Mediation Services.

He contributed his expertise to the Minnesota Workers Compensation Deskbook on the topic of collectively bargained workers’ compensation programs and has been a facilitator for the Union Workers’ Compensation Program – Dispute Resolution from 2005 to 2019.

Learn from Elliot’s knowledge and experience in the mediation field by watching our interview!